Spending your free time in the backyard will be a fun moment especially when you have such a green and pretty design of it. It is better to refresh your mind in your own place than to go to the park, right? Well, related to that, you will need the fence to give you privacy while spending your time there. Whatever you do there, you can just enjoy the moment without worrying about other people.

There are several different fences that you can apply to your garden. It will be related to the materials and designs. You can adjust based on the way you will treat your fence. It means that whether you will use it as the wall greenery media or you want to have the real fence only. Check out the pictures below.

A small backyard garden decoration with a wooden pallet fence will bring a warm rustic look to your backyard so that it can be an inspiration.

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A tall fence made of metal for your backyard garden decoration will provide perfect protection so it feels safer.
To get the perfect privacy in your backyard garden, using a high fence is an interesting idea. You can use a fence made of yellow bamboo so it will look beautiful.
If you like rustic decor, you can use a wooden pallet fence to complement your backyard garden decor. It will also provide the perfect privacy for you.
Building a fence in the backyard from a combination of stone and wood will present its own charm so that it will look beautiful and unique.

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Choosing to use a fence made of brick will enhance your exterior decoration so that it looks beautiful with a classic touch.

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Try building a fence to create privacy in your backyard garden. You can build a tall wooden fence and decorate it with hanging blooming flowers to make them look more beautiful.
A wooden fence with tree paintings will enhance your backyard garden decoration so that it looks more creative and you can try it now.

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Simple backyard garden decoration with a fence will make it look so perfect. You can make it from wood so that it will present a simple and elegant appearance.

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Building a tall fence in your backyard garden will provide perfect privacy for you. For a sturdy look, try using an old brick fence so it will give it a classic look.

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Wood is the most common material used for the fence. Anyway, even for the wood, you can still have several different kinds of it. You can let it in a natural weathered look, or you can have the sleek finish of it. You might also combine it with other materials such as the iron to make the wood more sturdy.

The other materials that you can use for the fence are zink, bamboo, stone, brick, and more. Anyway, combining two or three materials will also be great especially when you know exactly how to treat the materials so that everything could be well designed.

So, which kind of fence that fit you most?

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