If you have a space for a garden in your house, then you should really make use of it. You know that having a garden is such a blessing as not all people can have this chance. Make sure that you create such an awesome landscape for your garden no matter what. With that, you can be able to spend your time there enjoying the scenery and feeling fresh after a tiring week of work.

For the best landscape, of course, you have to give a complete facility there. From the patio, fence, planters, lighting, and more. That will be important so that you can really make use of your landscape. In case you lack ideas on how to create such a proper and pretty landscape, here we will show you some design references. Check these out!

Exotic impression is an impression that is easy to get for those of us who live in tropical regions. The garden landscape that you can try to apply as a way to cultivate exotic tropical climates is by combining variations of paving blocks and ornamental plants.
If the shape is narrow and elongated like this garden landscape design, place a green area in the middle and a sitting area or lounge area protrudes close to the dividing wall.
Meanwhile, the path, the only element that functions as an access area, is deliberately made winding so that anyone who walks through it can experience an interesting open space.
The beauty of the garden in front of the house can be shown with the tropical-style garden landscape design which is dominated by green. In contrast to modern garden landscapes, grass, trees, ornamental plants and tropical flowers are natural elements that cover most of the garden.
A narrow backyard does not mean it is a barrier to having a beautiful garden. This garden landscape has succeeded in presenting two different areas, namely a sitting area and a green area, in a limited space.
Even though the number of trees and ornamental plants is abundant, this arrangement does not make the back garden landscape look full, it looks soothing because it protects the garden from the hot sun.
Informal landscape design is the opposite of formal style. This design accentuates a more “relaxed” side by combining curved lines and applying a swing.
This is a modern garden landscape design and is very popular. The combination of bush and flowers can make the garden looks beautiful.
For those of you who just have a small area that can be used for garden, all you have to do is making a small garden border in your side yard. You can plant some flowers combined with green plants to get a fresh look.
English garden designs are often a mix of formal and informal styles. In this design, using limited layering within the confines of a low fence is very common, so the resulting garden design has a slightly colossal feel.

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Just like the other decoration concept, the garden landscape also needs a theme or style for its decoration. You can adjust it with your home decoration style if you want a really harmonious one. However, you can still be able to do something different so that you can have a different theme spot that won’t make you bored at all.

To create a theme or style, what you have to concern is on things that you provide there. For example, if you want to have a rustic landscape concept, you can use your old things to be the planter such as an old bucket, teapot, pan, and more. Use also the unfinished wood material for your fence or walk path. And also don’t forget to control your pest in your garden to keep your plants healthy, there are so many pest control services if you have no idea how to do it.

Well, what style that you might choose to be the theme of your garden landscape?

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