Not only with the greenery, but your backyard will also be even more perfect if can have a swimming pool there. Yes, it is no doubt that having your own private swimming pool is such a blessing. That is why if you have enough space in your backyard, just don’t be in doubt to build a swimming pool.

Basically there are several different swimming pool designs. It could be from the style where you can adopt the tropical, minimalist, or even apply the glam to the pool. It will be better if you can adjust the design of your swimming pool based on the landscape concept that you apply to your backyard. Here are some swimming pool design references.

This is a swimming pool featuring wooden accents on this deck. Besides this one pool division divides between swimming pools and fish ponds into one place.
If you have enough budget, you can build a swimming pool with a mini bar. This place can be used as a place to relax and chill with your friend or family member. To make it look attractive, you can add mini-waterfalls in your swimming pool. It will look attractive and also beautiful for your backyard display.
This backyard pool which has a roof is perfect for you to use. Because the roof will protect you from rain water while swimming.
This swimming pool showcases beauty at night with lighting that can make this pool water turn in blue color. It looks amazing and you should try it for your backyard.
This natural swimming pool has side stone lines that will make a charming appearance. Besides that, the stairs leading to the swimming pool equipped with beautiful lighting. It’s looking very beautiful.
This simple swimming pool displays the beauty that can make your backyard look even more amazing. Adopting the natural nuance in the form of a waterfall and surround some greenery can create a fresh ambiance. By placing the plants in the corners of the pond makes a dazzling appearance.
This is a very simple but classic swimming pool that features a very solid concrete deck. Besides this swimming pool is also equipped with Jacuzzi to make a perfect relaxing time.
Nowadays, the swimming pool combines the patio and fireplace into one place is very interesting and very useful to relax. This is the right choice to make your backyard look more perfect.
This swimming pool has a beautiful tropical design. By planting greenery around the pool makes a fresh look.
This is a swimming pool design complete with waterfalls and added lighting to make it look attractive at night. In addition, there is greenery around the pool makes a stunning natural appearance.

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If you look at the references above, you will find that the shape of the swimming pool is also varied. From the simple rectangular shape, oval, and even the abstract shape with indentation. You can also manage the depth where you can divide it in case you have kids in your home so that they can enjoy the pool too.

Since the swimming pool is located in the backyard, then, of course, you should provide the greenery around it. Not only to make it pretty but also to make you get a natural atmosphere around. With that, we do really sure that you can have such a fun and peaceful swimming experience.

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