Yes, it is correct to mention that the living room is the heart of the house. Because almost every day, you will have family time just like watching tv or just having chit-chat in this livingroom. So, it needs special decoration to make every people feels so comfortable to spend hourly. So, this article is made for you who want to decorate your family space like the living room.

Firstly, try to choose a comfy sofa and comfy here means its color, its size, its material made and also complete it with cushions. You also need to match the interior design applied. If you have a spacy living room, then you can decide how big the size that you want. If you are a big family, then you need more seats to occupy the whole family member. Next, try to choose a wall color that can stimulate coziness or add a more warm atmosphere. This cozy atmosphere is also created by its well-air circulation system. So, take a look at these ideas below. Complete it with a proper coffee table and a comfortable rug.

A living room with classic chairs and a table provides a very simple combination of decorations but still becomes a comfortable spot to welcome your guests. To create a focal point in your room, you can place a flower vase on the table. Completing with a sisal carpet and it can make your living room feels warm.
Just put in brown sofa furniture and simple tables but its is enough to make the decoration of your living room look nicer and more beautiful.
For those of you who are interested in the bohemian vibe, choose the furniture that has a natural touch. Don’t forget to add a bohemian character by applying a tribal sofa slipcover and install a sisal carpet. Insert greenery, then put in the decoration of the living room to make it look more attractive.
A nice simple farmhouse decor with a white sofa and a small wooden table. Completing the decoration with throw blankets and pillows, it would be the comfortable living room decor.
In the decoration of this living room, using gray sofas, a white table, and added with a comfortable furry carpet so that you can blindly more comfortable living room.
The natural decoration of the living room using brown sofa and a unique stool makes the decoration look really beautiful. To make it look attractive. adding a colorful patterned rug is highly recommended.
The design of the living room like this is very simple. But you can give a different touch by adding a white sofa and a round wooden table that complements the decor.
This one is very important for the decoration of the living room. By combining a simple sofa with a wooden table can make the combination of modern and classic design looks harmonious.
Only by using gray sofas combined with a round glass table is able to provide dazzling decoration for your living room. Placing the indoor plants on the table and on the fireplace can make the living room feels fresh.
This simple living room decoration by using a white sofa and a wooden table is very inspiring for the people who are interested with the minimalist style. To avoid the boring look and give a pop of color, placing a colorful patterned rug is highly recommended.

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Moreover, another important part that you need to provide in a way to create a comfortable living room is lighting. Lighting can be presented by natural light from outside, the sunshine that coming through the window so, your living room will get the goodness of sunlight. Beside of that natural light, electric lighting is needed at night. As we all know that there are so many kinds of lighting, then you can choose which perfect lighting for your living room design.

Last but not least, you need to provide some touches of beauty such as flowers or greenery. Other than giving a beauty touch, this flower and greenery can make your living room fresher and give natural light scent to your living room if you put a scented flower. Another is to add some unique ornaments that have an aesthetic touch. Well, those are some tips and tricks that worth trying to help you redecorating your living room become more comfortable.

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