The house is situated on a spacious plot in the middle of the landscape on the east / south side of the island. The location of the plot presents a number of challenges. On the one hand, it offers beautiful views and the plot is nicely oriented to the sun. On the other side, the view line to the south is also a vulnerable place in terms of privacy. 

The view from the public road to the private areas must be prevented while maintaining the view. In addition, the location in the open field must offer a solution to the windy climate on Texel.

By moving the 2 main volumes of the main building, wind-free patio-like spaces are created that focus on the main sight lines. The circulation areas and the connection to the outbuilding have been placed at right angles to the main volumes.

By raising the surrounding ground level and using planters that are placed in the landscape as windbreakers, privacy is created while preserving the view. Deeper parts in the ground level provide intimate seating out of the wind and completely out of sight.

The structure of the house consists of long sight lines analogous to the horizon and the views of Texel. In the architecture of the house, these are emphasized by long lines in the facade image and the ground level layout. The roof is placed on this horizontal line like a dune landscape.

The materialization is rough and natural at and below ground level, using cleaved natural stone. The residential level with its strong roofline is plastered in clear white. The roof is made of reed, analogous to the dune landscape.

At the rear you can see how the ground level folds down to provide access and daylight to the basement. The central staircase is clearly visible. The layout is also characterized by transparency and clarity.


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