The project for Madeleine Blanchfield Architect this time is reworking a top floor of Darling Point Apartment and adding a new rooftop pavilion. The existing 60s red brick building retains its character impression internally. Instead, the top floor is a steel pavilion that opens up completely to a large outdoor area with stunning views.

This project involved extensive structural work to a lesser extent to repair the existing low ceilings and poor planning.

‘We opened up a vista to the view from the entry and reworked or repurposed all the spaces. Existing windows and walls had to be incorporated or adjusted in a way that felt natural in the new apartment. The kitchen has a series of beams, only some of which are structural, that delineate the space and make the adjoining areas feel lofty even though they are quite low. All lighting had to be surface mounted so we could grab extra ceiling height and existing windows tweaked to work with new room layouts’, explain the architect.


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