To create the ultimate getaway for Mike Belleme, Shelter Collective, the architectural and interior design studio, agree to do this project. The team build a small house named ‘The Nook’. This 400 square foot cabin is in Swannanoa, North Carolina. The house has a firewood sided exterior and features local materials, such as black walnut, throughout the design.


On the inside, there’s an 18-foot high ceiling with lots of windows to create an open and spacious interior effect. The small house consist of small living room, kitchen with a breakfast alcove, sleeping nook, and bathroom.

Shelter Collective create a space for drinking tea in the loft space. To get there, they provide a ladders as an access.

The swing by the window lets you bring back childhood memories, while the sliding doors open onto the deck.


As for the outside, a local lumber corner deck will let visitors enjoying the outside view surround by the tree while having a drink. You can also experience this cabin-living by booking it through Airbnb.


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