Sydney, New South Wales’s capital city, is a laid-back yet modern city. Residents of Sydney enjoy the almost year-long sunny weather that the city has to offer. Homeowners within the city design their homes to utilise the sunshine they are getting. The choice of house design and the choice of flooring materials that Sydney residents consider are all associated with the Sydney sun’s utilisation. 

Vinyl planks are one of the best flooring options to have if you want to remodel a house or office in a short time. Vinyl flooring in Sydney is also an ideal choice of flooring for the city’s weather.

Why Install Vinyl Planks?

Vinyl plank is gaining popularity as an alternative flooring option for both residential and commercial areas. Vinyl planks are more flexible than carpets when it comes to cleaning and removal. In case a portion of the vinyl flooring in Sydney gets damaged, you can remove the damaged planks and put the new ones instead of replacing the entire flooring cover. Vinyl planks are also very versatile since you can get them in different textures, designs, and colours. This versatility of vinyl planks will give you more options when decorating your home or office space. 

For homes with small kids and pets, vinyl planks are the ideal flooring option since they can be easily maintained. Vinyl planks are waterproof, and therefore any liquid spills on them can easily be mopped dry without damaging the floor. Another major advantage of the vinyl floor is that it can easily be installed on any room size and shape. You can even save on installation costs by planning to do the vinyl planks’ laying by yourself. There are flooring manufacturers that sell vinyl planks specifically designed for DIY installations. 

Steps in Installing Vinyl Planks

  • When purchasing the planks, make sure that it comes from reputable vinyl flooring, Sydney manufacturers. It is also important to choose vinyl flooring planks with superior quality and durability. You should invest in high-quality planks, especially if you plan to use them for a long time. When purchasing, make sure that you get extra pieces to be used as replacement planks whenever your floor gets damaged. Since vinyl planks are manufactured in batches, you may not get the same colour in the future. 
  • Vinyl planks or tiles come in different thickness and texture. However, their dimensions are usually 18 by 18 inches. There are two types of planks that you can purchase, namely: the dry-backed and the self-sticking. Dry-backed vinyl planks will require you to use a special adhesive to stick the planks on the floor base. On the other hand, the self-sticking planks already have adhesive and can be laid directly after peeling the protective sheet off the adhesive. 
  • One advantage of vinyl flooring is that they can easily be cut to fit floor corners. You can cut the vinyl planks using heavy-duty sharp scissors or a sharp utility knife. When cutting vinyl planks, measure the dimensions accurately and use a cutting board beneath the tile. 
  • Before you install the vinyl planks, you must first clean, vacuum, and dry the floor. Remove any old tiles or flooring covers that were left. Remember that vinyl tiles cannot be fitted if they are installed on top of existing removable flooring. Some manufacturers may require acclimatisation of the tiles first before laying them down on the floors. When laying, find out the centre of the room, where the lines meet. Mark the reference lines, starting from the central point. 
  • Start laying down the vinyl flooring from the central point and use the reference lines as your guide. It is best if you complete laying the vinyl flooring in Sydney one full row at a time.

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