If you are after a new kitchen atmosphere, there’s no reason to stick with your current decor. It’s time to start your major kitchen remodel, try out a new layout, and move on to another design scheme that can inspire your daily cooking activity.

Think of Boho style. You’ll have the liberty to express your personality, play with rich patterns and textures, fill the room with beautiful colors, and create the most unique room that everyone wants to copy.

Excited? Scroll through to dive into our best Boho kitchen idea and get yourself ready to embrace the beauty of this eclectic kitchen style.    

Start with the Colors to Use

Boho style doesn’t come with specific color rules and always allows you to match, mix, and explore every color you like as much as possible. However, most homeowners commonly use the combination of earthy colors (including brown, green, blue, and gray) and metallic tones (like gold, silver, chrome, brass, and bronze) in this decor scheme.

Friendly kitchen concept in boho style by displaying a blend of earthy colors. Namely through the green accent of the kitchen cabinet and wooden pillars. Also combined with a beautiful floral motif backsplash and floor, this makes the concept of Boho kitchen offers a charming design.
Boho kitchen brings a fresh spark with a combination of earthy colors from green cabinets and metallic colors from a classic lamp. Besides that, the natural lighting through the window brings a brighter appearance.
Using a patterned backsplash in a bright color in a boho kitchen style is a great idea. With a boho kitchen look like this you will have a kitchen with a stunning view.
A kitchen with pink walls and other bright colors for furniture can create a kitchen with a pretty look. Besides that, this kitchen also looks not boring.

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Fill the Room with Vintage Furniture

The next Boho kitchen idea is to bring vintage or second-hand furniture to the room. To get an open and airy feel, use vintage cabinets with bright colors and then install floating open shelves—where you’ll display potted plants, wooden tableware, handmade items, and other pretty accessories. If your cooking space is integrated with the dining room, you may also add eclectic dining sets made of rattan or wood.

You can start to use an old kitchen island and kitchen cabinet to decorate your bohemian kitchen. The distressed look from the furniture can bring a vintage vibe. Especially, your floor is using classic pattern tiles, so it can strengthen the vintage vibe.
Placing an old dining table in your bohemian kitchen is a good idea to bring a vintage feel to your room. Especially, if your kitchenware is also used natural material, such as rattan. Place them on the open hanging shelves and you will get a strong bohemian kitchen design.
A bohemian kitchen that has a vintage small kitchen island is an interesting idea for your kitchen look. Strengthen the look with classic patterned tiles and some vintage ornaments to get a perfect look.

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Cover up the Floor and Backsplash with the Decorative Tiles

Last but not least, pick the decorative tiles that can add rich patterns and textures to your kitchen floor and backsplash. Some of the best flooring options you can pick are mosaic, floral, and hex tiles; all of which will help you emphasize this lovely Boho style to the room. You may also add colorful rugs to create an inviting and relaxing feel as well as make a statement in your kitchen.

Covering your floor with flower pattern tiles will complete your bohemian kitchen decor. This patterned tile can bring contrast look in the white color scheme that be used in the kitchen.
This black and white flower pattern tiles on the backsplash can blends well with the wooden kitchen cabinet in natural color. Combined with the thick wooden hanging shelves and the bohemian kitchen will feel so natural.
Having a backsplash with a unique kitchen motif looks very attractive. In addition, this kitchen uses black and white tiles that form a motif like a chessboard.

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Now that you’ve known the best Boho kitchen idea, are you ready to apply this eclectic decor style in your cooking area?

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