Stressing on natural elements, fresh tones, and comfortable look makes cottage style décor a popular home décor. If you wish to apply the cottage style to your home, there are some things you must pay attention to. For example, your front door, the paint color, and furniture. To get the best look, follow the experts’ tips below.

Front Door

The very first entrance must show a strong cottage style décor. Choose wooden door featuring large window. You can opt door with window at the top part or go with gateway that comes with glass windows on the right and left side.

To show the cottage style decoration, you can use a wooden door that displays a large window there so that it will look more perfect in cottage style.
Choosing to use wooden doors that feature large windows for decorating your front door will present a cottage style that is simple but looks perfect.

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Screen Door

You can’t say it is a cottage style without a screen door. The screen door, or also known as a storm door, is placed in the front or back of your main entrée. They offer so many advantages as well. Installing them allows you to let the fresh air sneak through your home but also gives protection when it gets chilly outside.

If you want to decorate your home in a cottage style, don’t forget the screen door. You must use the screen door in front of the main door so that it looks better and fresh.

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Front Porch

Yes, we’re still talking about the front part of your home and another important puzzle that must be completed with is your front porch. Make sure to blend the natural element with living plants. Place some greenery and also a comfortable couch. Add with throw pillows and blanket for the utmost coziness.

If you want to get a perfect cottage-style patio decoration, try adding greenery. Also add comfortable seating area so that it will provide perfect comfort there.

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Try adding pillows and blankets on your swing so that it will feel more comfortable. Adding greenery there also will not fail because it will provide natural freshness.

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White Again

White is still an excellent choice almost in every style décor. Because cottage style décor embraces fresh feeling, painting your wall white is the smartest move. If you look for other options, simply choose soft blue or beige.

If you want a cottage-style living room decoration, painting the wall in ivory color will bring a soft, warm feel that will make the residents comfortable. Combine with white chairs and completed with light blue throw pillows it will create a fresh look.

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To create freshness in your cottage style living room, try painting the walls with soft blue combined with white color. Those color combinations will works well to freshen up your home. Complete with a white sofa so it will look attractive in a thick cottage style.

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To complement the pale wall, wed them with furniture that also features soft hues. Place a comfortable sofa with natural colors such as cream or peach. Add some layers by adding it with pretty throw pillows. Use also furniture that is made of wood.

The cottage living room which has a coffee table made of rattan is perfect for you to use. This coffee table can also be a focal point in the living room.
White sofa and coffee table made of wood are the right choice for your cottage style living room decorating ideas. Adding a few cushions to the sofa will enhance your decor.

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Most cottage style boasts natural wood planks. The bare wood floors create warmth and elegance. However, if you choose tiles instead, covering it with a vintage area rug will also work for this style décor.

Decorating a cottage home style with wooden floors will create warmth and elegance in your home so that it feels more comfortable. To complete the decoration, you can cover the wooden floor with a classic or vintage rug and make it looks inviting.

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The key elements of cottage style décor are underlying on wood elements and bright colors. The look of your front door is also important. Begin creating the cottage style of your dream with the tips above.

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