The location of this “The Third Space” is in the prosperous North Jianshe Road, of which the east side is next to north-south parallel rows of workers’ house. The architect determine the direction, layout, the volume and the shape of tower and podium by calculating the sunlight, so this building will get the rigorous sunlight standard.

Two parallel slab-type buildings with a height of 100 meters were rotated to a certain degree following the direction of the sunlight from the southwest then facing southeast with the podium roof cut into a zigzag shape leaving a ribbon-shaped garden on the east side.

The complex tries to present a kind of image of a three-dimensional urban settlement that stretches to the sky with 76 villas that are stacked vertically in the city.

Floor slabs are generally flat on the “Standard floor”. But in this project, it stacked in a staggered structural arrangement. Thus form a continuous increase of height in each unit such as a geometric man-made terrace containing the transition of function from public to private with occupants climbing and crossing at terraces, feel a calm atmosphere formed in a continuous spatial transition.

The architect form the collection and media space into the shape of houses on the slope. The pavilion houses of different sizes, shapes and directions are all moved to elevations to enjoy views of the city and serve as multiple living platforms of life that open onto the city so that they become symbols of densely arranged “urban settlements”. The actual green courtyard is incorporated into the upper unit with the help of the roof and thus creates a feeling of height different from that of the common villas.

All duplex apartment units are stacked vertically with outdoor pavilions of various sizes and cantilevered directions at suitable heights, taking views of the city and nature below and far and becoming a new landscape in the city.


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