In a smaller laundry room, you can create space for almost everything you need with a little creativity. If you need practical laundry room ideas for saving space and making your life way easier at the same time, below are some tips you can follow.

Small Farmhouse Sink

Adding a sink to your laundry room is a good practical idea that takes you to another level in cleaning convenience. A large, deep basin feature that you can find in a farmhouse sink is the best option, especially if you have a lot of delicates. For space-efficient, a small or mini farmhouse sink is even the greatest choice. It’s smaller but pretty wide.

To give a more efficient look in the laundry room, you can add a large sink beside the washing machines. The two bowls of the sink will facilitate you to finish your job
The appearance of the laundry room is very charming. Framhouse nuance accented with black sink. Besides that, the center of attention is the use of bright color choices from white. So that it gives a farmhouse decoration concept that really brings comfort.
The laundry room has a farmhouse sink with a wide basin size that is placed in the middle between the two washing machines will make you more comfortable when washing time.

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Ceiling Drying Rack

When you’re out of vertical space, it is time to look up to the ceiling. Install a simple ceiling laundry drying rack to hang items to dry or freshly pressed clothes. Have an old ladder in your backyard shed? Reuse it to have your DIY ladder drying rack, oddly enough, but a smart investment for your laundry space.

By using a ceiling drying rack, you can maximize the space in your laundry room. This rack is very practical to help you hang your clothes after washing.
Using a ceiling dryer rack from an old ladder placed on the ceiling is a smart idea. Because the touch of the ceiling dryer rack brings a practical way to hang your clothes.
You can use an old ladder accent and erase the concept of a vertical shelf. Namely by using this old ladder as a drying rack placed on the ceiling. Through the touch of this drying rack brings an interesting laundry room decorating idea and be able to facilitate your washing activities.

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Laundry Room with Adjustable Shelving

How about adding some extra storages on those unused corners? They can be a great addition to your practical laundry room ideas plan. There are a lot of options for shelf design these days. Be creative to pick your favorite shelves design that fits perfectly in your space.

The laundry room will work optimally by using an adjustable shelving accent. You can use the wall space above your washing machine to install the shelves. These racks is able to bring laundry room decoration concepts for better and neatly arranged.
The laundry room decoration concept truly makes comfort for you. Because the adjustable shelving design is practical and utilizes a small space makes an efficient and creative laundry room.

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Double Duty Laundry Room

Combining a laundry room with a pantry allows you to have one room with double duty or multi-task utility. One walk-in space is the best space-saving option instead of two regular closet sizes. Keep your cleaning supplies close to the washer and do not mix food and the other items in the same cabinet.

For those of you who have limited space to make a laundry room, you can combine it with a wardrobe. Because the concept of space is closely related, it can provide space-saving and more practical decoration ideas.

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Merging the laundry room with the pantry is a good idea to save space and get practical. You can use a large cabinet to store your laundry supplies and some food supplies. But you have to separate the storing so that not to be mixed with food.

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Do you find your best option to build your practical laundry room by the end of the list? So, what are you waiting for? Make your laundry space a special place.

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