Having an industrial-styled home office does not have to be in an old factory or unused industrial space. With some of these unique industrial home office décor ideas, you may learn and get inspired to upgrade your simple home office. Give it an ingenious yet artistic nuance without letting go its original theme, rustic or contemporary feels.

1.     Personal Touch with Wire Grids

The easiest way to add an industrial home office décor to your space is by hanging one or a few wire grids or pegboard on the wall. You may go with one of just the right size. Alternatively, use a couple or several (as required) smaller grids and arrange them creatively on the wall.

Create a wall art on your grid, or use it to stick your personal mementos, pictures, or simply reminder memos.

Placing personal items using the pegboard that attached to the wall. It creates a home office decor concept that gives a smart feel. Because you can arrange your personal equipment for a more industrial style.

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This is a home office decorating idea that offers a clear industrial-style concept. Namely through wire mesh accents as storage of memos and photos. Combine with a metal chair and a wooden table that has metal legs then it will strengthen the industrial vibe.

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2.     Striking Firmness with Metal Furniture

Another basic industrial home office décor incorporates metallic components in some or all parts of some furniture—metal bookshelves, or a set of desk and chair with metal legs, or even metallic chandelier.

Display the home office by using metal and wood touch accents brings increasingly display in industrial style. This metal and wood touch from the desk and racks and combined a metal focus lamp makes the concept of home office decoration that inspires you.
Using metal furniture will feature a clear industrial-style home office. It also helped from a touch of brick walls and a metal table lamp that provides a creative home office decor concept for you.
You will feel the industrial touch in this home office. Because by combining wood and metal accent and added gray on the walls makes the concept of a home office Industrial that is maximized.

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3.     Warm & Rustic Feel with Accents of Wood

Adding accents of wood will give your industrial home office a more rustic nuance. Use a wall shelf or cupboard or drawer made of wood and metal or tabletop made of wood. Even you can put up some personal touches like wood-based wall art, chalkboard, and so on. These are some industrial home décor ideas to warm your space.

Adding brick wall accents and wooden accents for the home office will bring an industrial rustic concept. The wooden touch can be formed for the wooden cabinet and wooden table, and then make your home office more warm and natural.
The combination of black steel frames and wood give this office desk an edgy yet appealing rustic industrial look. The thick wood and brown color of the work desk gives a hint of rustic charm in your industrial home office.

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4.     The Flair of Ingenuity with Simple and Huge Wall Art

Installing a wall art does not have to be complicated. Purchase wallpaper with an industrial-styled design such as vintage world map, or old brick patterns.

Or, put up metallic letters on the wall, making up inspirational words such as CREATE, INNOVATE, and so on. Alternatively, simply hang a huge board with letter stencils that help motivate you from time to time. This industrial home office décor doesn’t need to be costly.

This is a modern industrial home office display with a glass wall display offering a wider home office feeling. As well as wall art accents themed world map makes the concept of home office decoration more elegant.
This home office displays a very charming concept. Namely by using a wall art accent in the world map theme and strengthen with a combination of metal furniture that can make a touch of industrial home office looks interesting.
By adding wall art accents to this industrial home office, it shows a sense of home office increasingly has a more energetic. In addition, it is combined with white brick walls that can bring a more natural vibration into the industrial home office.

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Now, spending time in your home office should be way more comfortable. In fact, with these industrial home office décors, your home office can be a personal space you long to be in every day.

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