G8A Architects together with rollimarchini architects have designed a factory building in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, that features a façade of plants. The Jakob factory proposal is seen as a unique opportunity for rollimarchini and G8A to propose an alternative to this detrimental practice, presenting a strategic land-saving project with an element of passive design focus.

The Jakob factory offers an innovative vertical densification strategy, usable stacking zones on the overlaid blades. This robust design avoids unnecessary land use eliminating unnecessary land development, while offering workers pleasant outdoor space.

Rows of plants line the exterior facades and interior walls that open onto the courtyard. These plants were chosen to help improve air quality and temperature within the factory.

The horizontal planted beds also help filtering rain and sun, making the interior a more comfortable experience for workers.

The interior courtyard is also a place for workers to enjoy, with grass and raised trees that will grow larger over time, creating a shady canopy. Jakob Factory becomes the first project in Vietnam that proposing completely naturally ventilated manufacturing halls.


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