If there’s one thing nautical and country decor has in common is the natural touch. One may look rather modern with the coastal design, and one is more rustic with the traditional element. Still, both also have the airy and simplicity elements, contriving the details into the same on the side of nature. There are ways to blend the two styles of decor in your house, which will result in an appealing look.

Decorative wooden flooring with a coastal vibe

The simplest way to bring out nautical touch in country decor is installing wooden floors using distressed planks of woods painted in rustic white and blue. It creates rustic details while maintaining the main element of coastal shade; if you want a more homey feeling, add an area rug made of jute that is sturdy and highly functional.

To bring the atmosphere of the beach in your country’s living room, you can use wood floors there. You can paint it white so it looks more perfect.

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Choosing to use white painted wood floors will give the beach a vibe in your country’s living room. Try adding jute carpet there to give it a more comfortable feeling.
Using wooden floors to design your country living room looks perfect and will give a beach vibe. Use a white color scheme will strengthen the nautical nuance in your home.

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Wide shiplap on the wall

Architectural embellishments take your house decoration to another level with some interesting details. Installing wide shiplap, attached either horizontally or vertically with wide boards shows a true traditional farmhouse country décor. However, it also makes an authentic appeal in any beach house, too. Have natural embellishments like rustic moldings showcasing a craftsman artistic work.

Installing a wide shiplap on the wall of your living room will present an elegant rustic look. You can mount the shiplap horizontally so that it will give the impression of greater space.
To show the perfect rustic decoration in your dining room, you can put a wide shiplap on the wall. Choosing to install shiplap horizontally in white color will make it look more elegant and bright.
Decorating the bathroom with a wide shiplap mounted on the wall horizontally will provide an authentic attraction to your beach bathroom.

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Natural watery palettes

Surrounding your country home decor with natural palettes speaks country, but you can also blend it with a nautical touch. Watery colors like blues, teals, and greens, are available in a variety of shades for you to work with. Consider choosing the natural colored furniture in a cream-painted or brown-colored wallpaper surrounding.

Try using watery colors to provide the beach vibe in your country living room. You can use blues walls and brown furniture to make it look perfect. To strengthen the nautical nuance, you can add a striped rug in white and blue colors.

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A mixed country and industrial design in this living room can work well. The natural color scheme in this living room can bring a fresh and warm nuance. The brown shade that comes from the brick wall and trunk will bring a natural and warm impression. Combine it with blue throw pillows to strengthen the beach nuance.

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Layers of fabric

Creating layers with fabrics lets your fun personality shine, and it is one of the easiest elements to change or decorate. Place the fabric on the table, couch, or as your window treatment; choose one that is sheer and light to have an airy feeling and illustrates a nautical touch.

Adding curtains in your living room will enhance the decoration of your living room so that it looks more perfect. Use white and blue striped curtains so that it will provide a simple and attractive beach vibe.
To bring the nautical nuance in the country home design, simply, you can install a fabric curtain that has white and blue striped colors. Besides that, it is also can be applied for your throw pillows.

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Nautical and country decor are easy to work with, as both encourage open space feeling with unfussy furniture blended with nature.

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