Don’t get discouraged when your budget and time cannot afford a total redesigning. Cause even the smallest changes can bring a big impact on a design. Home décor is not about spending a large amount of budget. It’s about making a single effort means a lot. Thus, we share some easy tips on decorating your home.

Liven Up That Monotonous Shade

For some people, a monotonous space is real. Either it is a living space, kitchen, or bedroom. If that’s the case for your house, liven it up to improve that boring vibe. Some unchanged items are bound to be there. But you can change the window shade. Opt for an interesting pattern. If you can find one, make it yourself using a plain roller shade and start your art project.

Changing the window shade in your bedroom is one way to turn on the monotone shade. You can replace it with roller shade so that it will give a more modern look.

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To enhance your kitchen decor, try using roller shade for your window so that it will look attractive and not boring.
You can use roller shade on your window kitchen so that it will create a more attractive and stunning view.

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Rearrange the Furniture

Thinking of the simplest way to freshen the look of your home? Think of rearranging the furniture. A quick and strategic switch can instantly improve the look. Start with changing the focal point. If the home décor doesn’t change much, try swapping one or two chairs with those you have in another room. One or two borrowed items are acceptable as well.

Rearranging furniture in your living room is one easy way to enhance your decor. Try adding a bicycle that is not used to be installed on the wall of your living room so that it will be an interesting focal point.
You can take crate shelves from another room then place it in your living room to place your ornaments so your living room doesn’t look boring. It can create an aesthetic look.
Adding a wooden swing to your living room is an absolutely creative way. You can hang it on the ceiling then it can be used to place the plant pots so that it will bring a fresh look.

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Set the Entryway

It can be frustrating for visitors to wait outside without anything to enjoy. Thus, setting up your entryway with potted plants or a comfy bench is a solution. Besides, it is the first thing in the house that your guests will see. Buy a tasteful house number or hooks for coats as well.

Simply putting a comfortable bench and pot with a refreshing green plant will make your entryway look very perfect. You can add hooks for coats so that it will look more complete.

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Using a comfortable bench and adding greenery there is one perfect way to decorate your entryway. You can also a shelf and install hooks for the coats so that it will look neat.

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Display Your Collections

Tea sets and other art collections are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t store them somewhere nobody can see them. Put them in the living space and let the world know your taste. Place them together as a focal point to add a visual impact. Your colleagues will be happy discussing their artistic taste with you.

Try to show your collection of paintings in the living room. You can place it on the back wall of the sofa so it will look more attractive.
You can display the collection in your living room so that you can see every guest you have. Hanging a collection of paintings on the wall of your living room will be a focal point that looks very beautiful.

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Home décor is not always about a lot of effort. Even the smallest effort can create a great impact with proper arrangement.

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