Anyone who’s been on the lookout for a new, trendy kitchen design inspiration, why don’t you try to build a kitchen pass-through? What’s great is, you can connect your cooking area with outdoor spaces like backyard, garden, patio, or swimming pool; and make your daily cooking routine more enjoyable.

Now if you are ready to create your new kitchen pass-through or want to update the look of the existing decor, this article will help you figure out the best kitchen pass-through window idea to make the most inviting cooking area—in which everyone wants to experience unforgettable cooking and eating moments with you. Let’s find out! 

Foldable Windows

The foldable window or also called accordion style is the perfect option for those who prefer the window with a sophisticated and modern look. To operate this window type, you’ll only need to fold it to the side while another kind comes with a vertical folding version; all of which help you transform your kitchen into a welcoming breakfast space easily.

Kitchen decorating ideas with simple folding windows that create a cozy outdoor and bar table to relax with your family.
This provides many benefits. Namely, through the kitchen pass-through window design you will get a practical thing. You can cook while enjoying the view and you can easily serve the food on the bar. And then after using the kitchen you can easily fold the window.
With a touch of folding windows in your kitchen pass-through design, it will add to the atmosphere of a more delicious breakfast. In addition, the white brick accents will give a natural impression.
You will enjoy the moment in your kitchen pass-through window design by using the folding windows for breakfast outdoors. You will get a memorable moment in your kitchen and in addition, your kitchen will appear more practical.

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Awning Windows

The next excellent kitchen pass-through window idea is to install awning windows. The best thing is, you don’t need extra effort to open and close this window type. And most importantly, awning windows won’t consume any side area, so you can make the most of your kitchen pass-through space and turn it into valuable spots to enjoy yummy meals.  

By installing awnings windows in the kitchen pass-through window design will bring the feeling of more beautiful kitchen decor. And you can easy to open and close it.
Of course, this will be an interesting decoration idea for you. Namely with the kitchen awning window that has a practical and easy window concept. Besides that, the choice of white gives a brighter impression.
The kitchen awning window contain a small bar table and metal chairs can create comfortable decor ideas for a place to relax while waiting for the meal is ready.

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Sliding Windows

If the budget-friendly window is what you’re looking for, then the sliding window is the clever solution. But keep in mind that when using this window type—especially the one that slides horizontally—you cannot maximize the whole space of your kitchen pass-through and can only use one window side to serve the food.    

An enchanting display of the kitchen pass-through window by using a sliding window. Although the design of the window is simple but still brings a graceful surprise. Besides the combination of white walls and a small table as a bar showing amazing decoration ideas.

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With sliding windows for the kitchen pass-through windows design, it is over a smart and simple idea. Even though it is small but it’s able to enhance your kitchen look and makes your kitchen activity more enjoyable.

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Sliding windows in the kitchen bring a feeling of grace also according to the budget. And you can maximize the entire space of your kitchen and it’s very simple you can only use one side of the window to serve food.

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Other than those three window options, there are also many window types available out there, like rolled-up windows and push or pull windows. These windows will also bring a bar or restaurant-like atmosphere in your house, so you can use that additional area to have parties or celebrate precious moments with special guests.

So, which kitchen pass-through window idea will you try? Have you got your option?    

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