Urban modern style is often defined as a cosmopolitan style that emphasizing city values. It can be minimalist, edgy, or even a bit of glamour. However, this style also has a distinctive touch that makes it look more comfortable and welcoming. Are you interested? Get these modern garden concepts now!

Sleek Lines

It is almost a certainty that the modern garden needs a few lines. That’s why a combination of strong vertical and horizontal lines can be applied to planting beds too. As of a city, the look is required, showcasing concrete, glass, or steel is a wise move.

So, you can begin with building layers of boxes. The first layer is the floor which you can name the material for garden flooring. The second layer, you can put the planting beds around the corner or create a terrace. Then, you can add some ponds. Voila, a layered series of urban lushes is yours.

The first layer of a layered garden for concrete floors and the second layer for plant beds is the best design for your modern garden.
This layered garden design with comfortable stone beds and beautiful fresh green landscapes will make your modern garden look perfect.
Having a layered garden with a wooden terraced garden bed gives a more attractive garden concept. Besides that, this garden will look fresher and minimalist.
If you have a house in the middle of the city and want to create a modern garden, one of the suitable garden concepts is a layered garden. Because it is easier to care for and gives circulation and a fresh feeling.

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Sleek Walkway Garden

If you think layering up planting beds is a bit difficult, try getting it done by “drawing” a line. You can develop a walkway to create a clean line so the garden will automatically become sleek.

Geometric pavers are almost perfect for your statement, but you can always try concrete or wood strips. If you are brave enough to bring some natural stones, be sure to decorate them in the sleekest design possible.

Remember, this is an urban style, so make sure to give the planting beds and the walkway a small space. Natural light is all you need, and this will make the garden shine.

Making garden paths with stones is a brilliant idea for your modern garden. To make it more beautiful, you can add a flower bed beside the path.

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Chunks of natural stone used to make walkways in modern gardens are the right way. Add a green grass beside the path for a more cool garden view.

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This modern garden path uses natural stone which has beautiful flower beds around it. It can be a good combination to get a perfect modern garden design.

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Outdoor Room/Seating

The thing that separates modern urban style from the usual modern style, which is associated with industrial, is how soft and comfy the look. Thus, natural touch that creates an airy and open feeling is a great deal for modern garden concepts.

So, you can work with an outdoor room or an extension of the home. Just bring out a table and chairs. As opposed, don’t be shy to put some planting beds and lush foliage. Although, make sure to keep the distance so you can get the cozy feeling.

If you want to have a garden with comfortable seating, you can make a wooden seat and place it at the corner of your garden. Complete it with some throw pillows to add a coziness.
Modern garden decoration this time uses a seat with a canopy. With a seat like this you can relax in the garden comfortably.
A park that uses the seating area at the corner of the park is a good idea. You can make it from the wood material. It can bring a natural vibe and you can enjoy fresh air and relax there.

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Easy peasy, right? Those are some modern garden concept with urban touch you can try.

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