Thomas Sandell, Swedish architect, designed a space that allows guests unparalleled access to the region’s wildlife. Let us introduce you to SynVillan. SynVillan, the optical illusion, is an adorable hideaway in the Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve in Sweden’s largest safari park. The elevated retreat has a gleaming façade by German manufacturer Exyd which makes it disappear into its surroundings.

“I wanted to combine the local rural tradition of roof making with a reflective high-tech material that makes the building almost disappear in the sky like a mirage,” says Swedish architect Thomas Sandell.

“Under the building, the wild animals will be feeding, and you’re able to watch them,” says Sandell.

SynVillan, a vacation rental designed by Thomas Sandell of Stockholm-based architecture firm Sandellsandberg.
SynVillan stands nearly 10 feet off the ground, making floor windows even more dramatic.
The glass floor (far right of the building in the image) allows guests to peek at the animals meandering under the house.
Visitors can look around, either from the deck or through the large picture windows.
The interior is in classic Scandinavian modernism style, with painted wood walls and natural wood furniture.
Guests can awake to views of wildlife from their own bedrooms safely.


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