A beautiful bathroom can make the bathing experience more relaxing. So, if you are getting bored with the old bathroom, apply some bathroom remodel ideas. You can give your bathroom a fresher look with some easily affordable decors.

Paint the bathroom.

In time, the wall can lose its color, or simply you can get bored of it. Repainting the wall can give a new look without changing too much.

If you want to remodel your bathroom with minimal costs, just try to repaint your bathroom walls with a light blue color so that it will look brighter at an affordable cost.

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Replace the baseboards.

If you have baseboards in the bathroom, consider replacing them. Repainting its surface can give variation. Changing the baseboard material is another way to remodel a bathroom.

To give a new look to your bathroom, repainting the baseboard is the simple way to remodel your bathroom. You can paint it in a grey color to give a minimalist look but can change the look of your bathroom.

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Restaining the wooden items.

Do you have a bathroom cabinet, vanity, or shelf? Make it stylish again by restaining the wooden material, especially when they need a retouch.

Wooden shelves and wooden vanity are affordable but durable furniture that can make your bathroom look amazing and can inspire many people. To maintain and make it looks stylish, you can repaint it again if they already look shabby.

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Change the Accessories.

The soap bottle, shampoo dispenser, or toothbrush rack can be refined by changing the whole set. Get rid of those containers with a whole set with different materials.

You can use unused jars that already not used for bathroom accessories. Use it as a storage area for your toiletries so that it will look neat and stay affordable.

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Change the light fixture.

You will be surprised by how much effect lighting can do to a room. Dim light can bring extra warmth while a brighter lamp can enhance the bathroom feature.

To decorate your bathroom, try to change the lighting. You can replace it with wall sconces and a round lamp on the ceiling. Besides being able to provide lights it is also can make your bathroom looks sophisticated.
You can use a wall sconce and install it above your vanity to get a beautiful look. Combine with a large window and it can bring a bright impression at noon.

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Add modern furniture.

It was a good idea to have that cabinet ten years ago. Now, taking it down seems like the best decision. You can replace it with a floating shelf, for a modern touch.

You can use floating racks to remodel your bathroom. Because it will present a modern look in a way that is very easy and simple.

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Replacing the old cabinet with floating racks for your bathroom decorating idea is the right choice. You can install it above the toilet and paint it in white so it will look more modern.

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Deep clean.

Before doing a major makeover, bring back those shines by doing a full bathroom cleaning. You do not need to change a thing. Everything is shinier and more luxurious with a top-to-bottom cleaning.

Try cleaning your bathroom area before completely remodeling. So that your bathroom will look clean as if you just woke up without having to remodel and spend much money.

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Just clean your bathroom drains without having to remodel completely so you don’t need to spend a lot of budget but your bathroom will look amazing.

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Now that you have changed things a bit in the bathroom, it feels fresher. Plus, you do not spend too much money to make it happen. That’s the beauty of doing a bathroom remodel. Small changes make a big difference.

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