It will be awesome if you can create a spooky atmosphere for any spots in your house including the bathroom. It will be a spot where you will spend your time alone. That thing becomes an interesting point because when you are alone in a spooky place, everything will be more challenging. Don’t be in doubt and make sure that you decorate your bathroom as well this Halloween.

Just like the other rooms, you can apply the same thing to your bathroom. It covers the black things to red things. You can even make your bathroom even scarier than the other rooms. Since it will be the room where your guests won’t visit, then you can make the decoration as spooky as possible just based on your imagination and interpretation. The pictures below will be your inspiration, check these out!

Feel free to express yourself this Halloween season by adding a pile of maple in the tub. Also add a fake snake to give it a more scary feeling.
This might be a reference for decorating your Halloween bathroom. Namely, just add a touch of soft white curtain and a skull patterned doormat. And to be more tense, make the lighting dimmer.
To create a Halloween atmosphere, you need more themed properties. Add a doll behind the toilet and make the lighting turn red. This will surprise your guests when they visit.
The bathroom walls use wallpaper accents with skulls and hang hand and chain properties. Creating a Halloween themed bathroom decor really makes for a scary and dramatic impression. Besides that, give it a touch of dim lighting.

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It creates the impression of a tense and dramatic bathroom worthy of a depressed person being terrorized by a ghost. With blood streak and a red hue. This gives bathroom decorating ideas a real scare.
If you like a bit of a prankster, you will love the habit of changing this color. To frighten Halloween, place these bloody traces all over the room in your bathroom.
This idea is very scary with blood splashing on the wall like there was a murder in the bathroom. Using fake blood splattered on the wall will make your bathroom look spooky.
Adding fake blood spills in the bathtub and combined with fake body parts. Expressing the impression of the bathroom is very creepy. Deserves like a former murder.
Send your guests to shivering fright with bloody messages. By adding bloodstained handprints to the bathroom curtain.
Turn your bedroom into a terrifying sight of cockroach infestation with a pack of disgusting plastic cockroaches. Just glue it all over where you want it to be.

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Basically, the objects that you can apply are really varied. You can even make it yourself by doing DIY projects. For example, you can make the bat shape, skull, or artificial ghost. Put the red syrup as if it os blood. Or, you can also use food coloring or anything that can be erased easily. Hence, you can also use the pumpkin which decorated in a scary expression.

The other idea that you can apply to your bathroom is by decorating the wall. You can simply stick the wallpaper that has a scary shape. Or, if you have the ability, you can paint it yourself. Another wall ornament is also allowed. In this case, the wall treatment is really effective for the bathroom since it commonly has a narrow space. The wall treatment can really help you to save space.

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