The Gallery House is located in the small town of La Pobla de Cérvoles, in Lleida, province of Catalonia. It’s an encounter between a family house, a small hotel, and an art gallery. In 2017, the owners of the Mas Blanch i Jové winery bought an old house close to the winery. The aim was to accommodate the growing number of visitors to the winery and to be used throughout the family at their meetings in the Little village.

This project proposes a clear and accurate division of the house by means of a cross made in plans and sections, which open four large windows on each of the facades of the house, placing it in close contact with the beautiful view of the place.

The crucial point of the house is the center of the cross, finished by a small bridge that flies over the ground floor and from which four large windows open frameless: two small benches to admire the view over the bedroom ax; two double high empty stars on the remaining side.

On the ground floor, distribution is carried out around the kitchen, toilet and warehouse blocks, connecting all areas in a circular path, increasing the complexity of the interior, and passing spaces of different heights, compressing and decompressing space.

On the top floor, five bedrooms with their own bathrooms occupy the four corners. The same type of bedroom accepts five variants, especially in the bathroom, each of which has a different color, highlighted by the joints between ceramic tiles, frescoes and the color of the sink itself.

On the outside, several interventions show the new character of the house: four new windows, which cross the façade, with a strange scale to the house itself; carpet-like lining of cast-ten steel access stairs; new socles of the same material, as well as the entrance porch, and better homogeneity of the outer finish.


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