This building is a Petcart Nest, a one-of –a-kind ‘pet resort’ on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Thus project has no set brief. The client just want a place for grooming center, a chat room to do live videos between dogs and their owners, a pet clinic, lawns for training and play areas, a large pool, an office, kitchens (for humans and animals), and helpers’ quarters, in addition to as many comfortably sized kennels as possible, all in a shoe-string budget!

“We redesigned the space a multiple number of times, in terms of planning, materials, area allocation and forms and shapes of the buildings to bring the cost of construction and maintenance down,” said the architect.

The design objective is to utilize natural soil contours and have an ecologically responsible approach.

“Besides reviving the dried pond and retaining all the trees, we consciously employed natural materials to create built forms that would complement and integrate with the surroundings.”

The comfort of the four legged guests is paramount and the resort has been carefully designed to make this possible. For example, the bamboo material remains sturdy yet keeps pets from getting injured even if they bite them. The swimming pool has been designed in such a way that dogs of all sizes can swim. Its depth increased gradually from one foot to four feet, via a series of one-foot-high, four-foot staircases.

“The outdoors include a variety of play areas such as lawns, stepping stones, mounds and sandpits for expending animal exuberance, with multiple items of textural variety like tyres, poles and tunnels to make things exciting for the pets,” explain the architect.


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