The project is to design a home for three generations of a shared family, ensuring the perfect balance between connectivity and separation. The site is located in the southern sector of Chandigarh and has difficult zoning & elevation restrictions.

The endeavor of this project is to continue the architect’s search for the original form of space, a space where nothing can be added or subtracted from except the worse. The main idea is to make a sequential progression from public to private zone using vertical pages & circulation as dividers between the two. Also, the varying volumetric scales of the public & private zones and their different interactions with the exterior are an important part of the idea.


The project consists of a double-height drawing dining room, a private living room, 4 bedrooms, two kitchens and an area for domestic helpers. Two bedrooms are on the ground floor for both older generations while other two are on the second level.

The open kitchen is also on the second level. A party terrace with bar & other facilities has been arranged on the third level and. Those spaces are an important part of this project. The area for household assistance is on the third level. It is completely separate and has independent access from a separate staircase at the front.


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