The project is a 2,400-square-foot family home and art studio in the Mar Vista neighborhood. The project is structured as two independent structures to allow flexibility for converting studio use to future ADU use. Shaped like a boomerang, a white two-story trunk pulled from an expressive red folded box creates a common entrance to both structures. Playing on a square shape, the smooth corners of the bar extend the view from the entire house to the garden outside.

Structures are carefully placed in location to maximize opportunities for various outdoor spaces and smoother use of the whole lot. Each room opens directly onto a patio or deck, large multi-sliding doors in the main living area connect it to the pool terrace and the studio space spills out onto the street courtyard for major art projects.

A long skylight through the center of the house defines the circulation path and brings natural light into the room.

On the outside, the art studio’s simple palette of textured plaster is softened with warm wood accents and planting, and a tinge of red (inspired by the strawberry bush in the owner’s former home) from the art studio adds surprise.

Inside, primary finishes create a neutral backdrop for fun details and color accents and allow the owner’s furniture collection to shine.


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