Let us introduce you to this gorgeous Mirage Gstaad, a mirror building created by American artist Doug Aitken. The reflective pavilion, which had previously been installed in the desert near Palm Springs, is currently in the Alpine meadow above Gstaad, Switzerland. When people happen to see Mirage Gstaad, they can approach it and even walk in, where mirror walls frame the windows and skylights.

“I saw Mirage as a human-scale lens that the viewer would enter into, and in the process, they would become the work,” said Aitken.

As the seasons change around it, the mirrors covering the Mirage House create the appearance of the scenery and the shifting sky.

“I am very interested in artworks that change continuously,” continued the artist. “Artworks that change with the landscape.”

In summer, the roof reflects the blue sky and the sides seem to blend into the meadow. From some angles, Mirage looks like part of nature, while from another point of view a kaleidoscopic alignment occurs when the lower part of the roof reflects wildflowers and grass right next to a hazy cloud of gables.

In winter, chunks of ice hang from the pavilion and falling snowflakes drift through the dormer windows. From sunrise to sunset, changes in light and weather are reflected on the pavilion’s surface. At night, the light from within shone through the faceted shapes of the windows cut off the sides.


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