Modern farmhouse is a home décor you can never get enough of, thanks to its warmth and simplicity. And if you are a type of person who likes to be accompanied by guests at your house and own a tiny-house, you can adopt this style for your small place. Be sure that your friends and family will feel at home at an instant.

1. All Rustic and White

White represents lights, cleanliness, and simplicity. Paint your wall with this positive color and put some rustic pieces such as a wood chair, coffee table, window frames or sofa table. A few pops of champagne, dusty blue, grey or graphite will make it more stand out.  

Horns are always a good way to complement a rustic interior design style. Whitewood walls make a beautiful background in this rustic living room.
This rustic style is polished with all-white comfort layers. Rural elements are increasingly appearing with the bases of wicker baskets and some other antique furniture.

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2. Contemporary Farmhouse

Contemporary farmhouse never fails to give a sense of warmth and comfort. Large and cozy sofas with neutral color along with wooden furnishings and a small fireplace is a timeless setting. Add some greenery to your tiny living room and marry the coziness with the super soft rug.

The items found are what give a unique character the style of a farmhouse. The old wheelbarrow that has been saved becomes a beautiful statement coffee table for this beautiful living room.

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Contemporary accent walls provide sharp relief for sofas and beige-adapted artwork. Brown curtains made of woven give the impression of an instant farmhouse.

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3. Flowery Pattern

Do not hesitate to pick out a flower theme for your tiny-house living room. Remember that space isn’t a problem. Place a snuggling sofa with some throw pillows. You can either have a sofa with flower motive and plain-color pillows or the reverse. You can also play with the pattern for your curtains. Mix all that with some modern touch for your furnishings. 

Try to include garden elements in your favorite living room. The soft gray walls are filled with furniture with accented blooming flowers to add cheer to the white walls.

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Use curtains with vintage floral patterns and simple-shaped sofas for a clean and cheerful impression. Flower-studded accents everywhere make anyone relax in this living room.

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4. Sunroom Farmhouse

This décor is meant to give a feeling of being outside and get lots of natural lights. You need to have lots of windows with black frames, wooden frames, or rustic frames. Glass sunroof will also definitely steal everyone’s attention. As for the furnishings, choose modern style fittings with the touch of natural color.

Sunroom not only offers natural light during the day and landscape views, but also a comfortable space to relax and unwind at night.

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Clerestory style windows, which feature a series of large panels that make sunlight free to enter in this farmhouse style living room.

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5. Cottage Style

Make your living room become an inviting space for your family and friends with this cottage appeal. Cottage style is known for its color-rich and comfy look. Homey sofas, built-in bookcases and fabric treatment for your windows will serve a charming look for your modern farmhouse living room. 

The contemporary style living room can be transformed into a neat farmhouse with small touches. Fake fireplaces, lanterns and lots of candles make this guest room look like a charming cottage.

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This living room combines elements of a farmhouse and contemporary design. Pick up a unique guest room like a cottage that attracts anyone who visits.

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Getting the modern style yet still gaining the comfortable feeling, these modern farmhouse decors for your tiny-house’s living room never fails to amuse the house owners and their guests. 

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