Pritzker Prize-winning architect, Tadao Ando, ​​has completed a circular toilet in a Tokyo gpark as his contribution to the Tokyo Toilet project. Built in Jingu-Dori Park, the toilets was the part of a scheme run by the non-profit Nippon Foundation. They upgrading public facilities in the downtown district of Shibuya. The initiative has already seen in the toilets built by Fumihiko Maki and Ando’s Shigeru Ban.

The toilet is surrounded by cherry trees. The location is in a small park about five minutes’ walk from Shibuya Station. Ando got the shape of a toilet from his desire to create a structure that beautifies the park.

“I sought for this small architecture to exceed the boundaries of a public toilet to become a ‘place’ in the urban landscape that provides immense public value,” said Ando.

“Using this clear and simple reasoning for the concept of this structure, I chose to utilize a circle floor plan with a spanning roof and engawa (Japanese porch).”

The toilet contains a room for male and female and accessible cubicle along with external sinks. A wall made of vertical metal grids covering the circulation toilet cover’s block. This wall creates privacy while letting the air circulate. The entire building is covered with an angled roof that juts into the toilet for shelter.

“It was vital for me to make a space that was comfortable and safe,” said Ando. “Visitors can move inside a cylindrical wall of vertical louvres to feel the comfort of the wind and light from the surrounding environment,” he continued.

“A feeling of safety will be emphasised by the free and centripetal circulation which passes through to the other side. This toilet tucked away in the greenery that is Jingu-Dori Park will be known as ‘Amayadori’.”


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