This adorable pod was made In response to the increasing number of people working from home due to the coronavirus. A prefabricated timber home office was created by London Studio Boano Prišmontas. Named My Room in the Garden, the pod can be built within a day!

“Since the time both me and Tomaso were working in large architectural firms, we felt the need for a private studio space where we could work on our creative projects in peace, away from the living space of our homes but still within comfortable proximity,” explained Boano Prišmontas co-founder Jonas Prišmontas.

“Given the current situation of a global pandemic, we feel that many people are experiencing a similar type of frustration and would like to have the option of escaping their home space and being able to work or focus on their hobbies/exercise, thus our solution,” he said.


The My Room in the Garden offices can be built in a variety of sizes. With those, the designer hope that in can fit within people’s gardens, alleyways alongside homes, or rooftops. The smallest office is 1.8 meters by 2.4 meters and 2.5 meters high. Due to the modular design, pods can be added to create a much larger space.

Even though the official lockdown has ended in the UK, many people are still working from home and. They are also expecting to continue to do so in the future.

This pod was digitally fabricated from certified sustainably sourced timber. Pods are expected as an alternative to working inside existing homes or buying warehouses as headquarters.

“My Room in the Garden is not an insulated container with windows,” said Boano Prišmontas co-founder Tomaso Boano. “It is also not a garden shed you buy in a hardware store.”

“What we created is a modular and customisable system of elements that – based on the size of available space – create a pleasant and comfortable enclosure within the household.”

Material’s Interior

Inside, the office is made almost entirely of wood with the plywood structure left open. It features slanted corner sections and peg boards on which tables, shelves and storage can be hung.

“My Room in the Garden was created with comfort and customisability in mind,” said Boano.

“We wanted to allow people to be able to decide what their interior would look like or how much storage they would have, and we do that by creating a system of interchangeable elements.”

Boano Prišmontas expecting the office to be tightly assembled, a space that difficult to access. That’s why he design it from a bunch of modular sections. It’s small enough to carry through the house into the back garden.

The designers also claim that assembling prefabricated elements is easier than assembling an IKEA furniture.

“The design is based on the sizes of corridors and winded narrow staircases of Victorian houses,” explained Prišmontas.

“We made a decision to limit the size of the pieces that need to be brought onto the site, so they can be delivered to the smallest of gardens that don’t even have street access,” he continued.

“The assembly of the modules can be done with just an Allen key or a power drill. We like to say that our designs are easier to assemble than IKEA furniture because the construction is very intuitive and clear. Manuals are available but not necessary.”


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