The dining room is a special place for making memories when it comes to enjoying the meal at home with your family or friends. You also need some perfect dining room lighting ideas to set the mood.

Three types of light are mostly used in the dining room lighting ideas. They are linear suspension, pendant lighting, and chandelier.

To make perfect lighting in your dining room, first, you need to pick a light fixture. Consider size, shape, and style to match the dining room table—not for the room.

Next, you do the math. The dining room light should be 12 inches smaller than the table. For example, if you have a four-foot-wide table, then the light should be two feet wide.

Finally, your dining room light should be hung about 30 inches above the surface of the table. That’s why you also have to think about the suspension length when choosing a fixture. If you need professional help for electricity, could be one of the choice.

Here are some lighting ideas for your dining room to consider.

1. Shabby Chic Chandelier

This is a perfect idea to create a modest dining room. It elevates the space without leaving a fastidious impression.

Shabby Chic chandelier can be used on the dining table to create a simple yet classic dining room. Pair with some furniture from natural wood. Image Shabby chic chandelier from housebeautiful.
Try shabby chic chandeliers in the dining room will create a classic style but still interesting. With the metal holder and classic lampshade, this dining room lighting fixtures look interesting. Several wooden chairs with seat cover and classic wooden tables will complete the decoration. Image Vintage chandelier from homedesignlover.
You can add a shabby chic chandelier to the dining room with the aim of giving it the perfect look. Add another ornament for a stylish look. Image Classic chandelier from ofdesign.

2. Crystal Chandelier

The objective of this dining room lighting idea is to create a pleasant space with a modern approach. To achieve that purpose, you need to install a boule de crystal chandelier.

Crystal chandelier works the best for lengthy tabletops that have seats more than six people.

This dining room that looks magnificent with a crystal chandelier has a floor with a patterned carpet and has a red color. With this combination, you will have the appearance of a dining room that looks elegant. Image Crystal chandelier from homeluf.
Using a luxurious crystal chandelier for cream-colored dining room lighting will create a room that looks brighter. Besides that, you will have a dining room that looks luxurious. Image Brown crystal chandelier from homeluf.
If you want to have the appearance of a dining room that looks more charming and beautiful, you can use two crystal chandeliers for lighting fixtures. This lamp is suitable for large dining room design because can provide a bright impression. Image White crystal chandelier from homeluf.
Unique shaped crystal chandelier you can hold with a dining table made of natural wood to get a vintage feel in your dining room. With shades of pale ash, you can combine with some other ornaments. Image Crystal chandelier from homeluf.

3. Drum Shade Pendant Light

It is another amazing lighting option that adjusts any space practically. This can emit ambient light throughout your dining area.

A drum shade pendant light will highlight black or white modern furniture. To illuminate the table, choose a chandelier pendant fixture.

You can try double black drum shade pendant lamps in your dining room to radiate the elegance. Combine with three round mirrors with gold frames to strengthen the classy vibe. Image Black drum shade pendant light from homeluf.
Black drum shade pendant lights are an easy way to make your dining room look attractive. Combine it with a classic dining table and chairs to get a harmonious look. Image Drum shade pendant light from homeluf.
This light from the drum shade pendant light really makes your dining room becomes attractive. This can emit ambient light throughout your dining room. Image White drum shade pendant light from homeluf.

You have to keep in mind that the main purpose of the dining room lighting ideas is to set the mood and draw everyone’s eye to the center of the dining room table.

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