Beautify your backyard design with the presence of a pathway or walkway. Beautiful backyard landscaping is incomplete without the presence of a pathway. Not only displays the impression of beauty, but the pathway also provides security. Adding road access between parks is a modern style in realizing backyard landscaping decor. So do not be surprised if you will be presented with a new look that is more riveting in a backyard.

A pathway or walkway can be displayed with any design. Of course, this is by looking at the backyard design before. The material used will also be so. As a place to set foot when you enjoy the beauty of backyard landscaping. So you not only notice beautiful material, but it must be comfortable and make it easy for you to do maintenance. Here we present some beautiful pathway designs with the best material.

Simple designs use wooden minimalist can also be choices. The most important thing is comfort when you walk between your backyards. Image Wooden pathway from homebnc.
Stone garden with natural and texture color. Thus, creating a work of art that is a very beautiful pathway. Image Stone pathway from homebnc.
Using some of the concrete to create an artistic pathway. Creating decorations is captivating. Image Concrete pathway from homebnc.
Making a very beautiful garden look with a wooden pathway. The addition of sand gravel along the pathway shows a very brilliant idea. Image Wooden deck pathway from homebnc.
Made with a combination of several colors of gravel and also concrete creates a decorative texture. Small-sized stones make a neat backyard. Image Gravel pathway from homebnc.
Limiting the pathway with the large stone keeps the pebbles from spreading widely. The stone also functions as a regulator so that the pathway is not damaged. Image Large stone pathway from homebnc.
Simple, unique, and clean with a pathway made of wood boards. With pieces of wood, the garden looks more casual and still beautiful. Image Wooden board pathway from homebnc.
Make a natural look with a large, unique piece of wood. With the size of a large and thick piece of wood giving you comfort and safety. Image Thick wooden pathway from plantcaretoday.
Make the pathway as attractive as possible with ceramic. The arrangement is so unique to make the garden more charming. Image Ceramic pathway from plantcaretoday.
The garden will look neater with the pathway from the brick arrangement. This pathway shows a combination of natural colors. Image Brick pathway from plantcaretoday.

Generally, pathways or walkways are made in a winding, even circular circles around the entire backyard area. Aside from being a beauty reason, pathways must be able to provide access to every area of ​​your backyard landscaping. Then, let’s talk about the material. The first is natural stone. Stone is the main material in building a pathway. Besides looking natural, the pathway will also look sturdy. But there are also those who use gravel as a material for making pathways.

In addition, not a few also use wood material as a pathway. Wood is the most easily formed material and is built at a height or level with a backyard. Wood will give an elegant impression to the backyard. It’s best if you don’t just focus on the best material. However, adjust to existing plant types. So, both of them will display the harmony of collaboration. Besides for a decoration, the pathway will make the backyard look more stunning.

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