Imagine when a kindergarten classroom has a lot of messy stuff there. That will make the classroom looks unsightly. And therefore, you must have a storage area that you can use to store all of this stuff. Storage stuff is one of the classroom setup decors that you must pay attention to. And to make it easier for you to store this various stuff, so you can classify them according to the type. Then, for kindergarten classroom stuff, you can classify the stuff such as books, toys, and stationaries in some storage. However, don’t forget to choose attractive and creative storage because you also create a unique classroom display with this stuff storage.

Book Storage

Children will feel happy when someone reads a book to them, for example, fairy tale books. They will also be happy to see funny pictures in the book even though they can’t read yet. And in the kindergarten classrooms, there will be a reading center or library that is used to store books for children. So, provide unique and interesting book storage there so the children will be excited to store the book there.

Change the use of laundry baskets as book storage that looks unique and interesting. And don’t forget to paste pictures of items that should be stored in the storage. Image Small book storage from lovelaughterandlearninginprep.
Try to place book storage by attaching the names of the children so you will know what the child likes. And don’t forget to choose interesting colors book storage to be liked by children. Image Colorful book storage from learninginwonderland.
Combining book bins and baskets as book storage that will make students easier to classify the books that they will store again. And color selection is also an important thing that must be considered of course. Image Bin and plastic basket storage from aroundthekampfire.
Choose the file holder in blue and green as a place to store books as one of the important items in the class. Added with a very unique and interesting wall decor that will attract the attention of children to always read there. Image File holder from firstgradefresh.

Stationary Storage

There will definitely be art activities like drawing something or writing activities in the kindergarten classroom. With that, you also have to provide stationary storage to store all stationary there. Choose an attractive storage shape, so children will also be more excited when doing activities using stationery.

Utilizing tin cans that are recycled into a unique and attractive stationery storage area with children’s favorite colors. Then, you can use the plate stand as a place to put the storage. Image Colorful tin can from controllingmychaos.
The plastic basket is indeed an idol for storage. You can choose a mini basket as a place to store stationery that will always be visited by children. And don’t forget to write the name of the item that has to be stored in the basket. Image Small plastic basket from proudtobeprimary.
Jar as a very cute stationery storage area painted with some funny characters that are loved by children. That will make children more excited to use stationery stored there. Image Colorful jar from colormadehappy.

Toys Storage

The activity most loved by children in kindergarten is playing toys. So there are many kindergartens that provide a variety of toys that can be used by children to play there. Of the many toys in the classroom, you must have toy storage to store these toys. And it will be easier if you classify the toys according to their type of course.

A simple way to store children’s toys in class and is not unusual is to hang children’s toys that are inserted in plastic. This looks unique and different from the others. Image Small plastic bag from mysmallpotatoes.
Make a unique look by choosing a rattan basket as a storage area for children’s toys in class. with this unique shape, it will attract the attention of children. Image Rattan basket from littlelifelonglearners.
Fill the storage rack with a few bins and buckets that are used to store children’s toys so it does not fall apart in class. Choose interesting colors, so students are interested in storing their toys there. Image Bin from tunstallsteachingtidbits.

Actually, besides as the storage for stuff in the classroom, this storage can also be one of the classroom decorations. However, you have to decorate the storage so that it can be a cool classroom decoration. For example, you can choose a cute color as the storage color and write the type of stuff on the storage. And you can invite the children to decorate the storage of course. The important thing is that you must be able to train children to store items in the storage. With that, a clean and neat classroom will be created, and it will make the classroom look more beautiful and attractive too.

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