Trust me that having dinner together with the family members or the ones who close to us is the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Related to that, you should be prepared by decorating your dining room well. There will be some aspects of the dining room that you should concern. Here, the first one will be the dining table as the focal point of the dining room. Then, you can concern with decoration around whether for the wall, fireplace (in case you have it), or the rack and cabinet.

Let’s us now talk about the dining table as the most important part here. Your dining table centerpiece should bring the fall or Thanksgiving touches. You can use the materials like coloruful dried foliages, dried twig, wheat, pumpkin, grain, and more. Arrange those materials to make the decorative candle, decorating your bowl, vase, etc. Hence, for the surround decoration, you can make wreath, garland, or simply put the materials in such a good arrangement above the fireplace to create an aesthetic decoration. Here we have 100 dining room decorations for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Sunflower Wreath Centerpiece from Homemydesign

Decorative Pumpkins from Homemydesign

Gourds and Candles from Homemydesign

Decorative Pumpkins Centerpiece from Interiordesignparadise

Wooden Centerpiece with Candles from Interiordesignparadise

Decorative Candle with Pumpkins from Interiordesignparadise

Colorful Pumpkins Centerpiece from Interiordesignparadise

Red Berries for Candle Holder Decor from Tabledecoratingideas

Wreath for Decorative Candles from Tabledecoratingideas

Decorative Lantern with Maple from Tabledecoratingideas

Small Pumpkins For Thanks Giving Centerpiece from Shelterness

Pumpkins and Pinecone Centerpiece from Mymove

Pumpkins Jars from Youandkids

Decorative Candles from Youandkids

Colorful Pumpkins for Tahanksgiving from Youandkids

Maple Leaves Garland from Youandkids

Pumpkins Lantern from Youandkids

Candle and Pumpkins on the Tray from Youandkids

Pine Cone for Tray Decor from Housely

Wheat and Sunflower Centerpiece from Housely

Maple Leaves Garland from Housely

Pumpkin Vases on top Cabinets from Housely

Decorative Centerpiece from Countrydoor

Wreath on The Wall from Countrydoor

Tray decor with Pumpkins from Joecatherine

Garland and Wheat For Mantel decor from Homedit

White and Orange Pumpkins from Homedit

Flowers and Fruits for Centerpiece from Homedit

White Pumpkins from Homedit

Pumpkins Centerpiece from Homedit

Corn Wreath from Thesummeryumbrella

Green Garland and Pumpkins from Homecrux

Wheats on the Vases for Thanksgiving from Homecrux

White Painted Pumpkins from Homecrux

Pumpkins Vase with Wheat from Homecrux

Wheats Wreaths from Digsdigs

Pumpkins and Greenery for Mantel decor from Homestoriesatoz

Dry Twigs for Plate Decoration from Homestoriesatoz

Wreath made of Dry Twigs from Homestoriesatoz

Candles and Pumpkins Centerpiece from Homebunch

Maple Leaver For Centerpiece from Homebunch

Decorative Lantern from Homebunch

Pumpkins for Glass Decoration from Homebunch

Ground for Bowl decor from Digsdigs

Wheat Centerpiece from Digsdigs

Decorating Dishes with Wheat from Digsdigs

Colorful Pumpkins from Digsdigs

Decorative Centerpiece from Digsdigs

Colorful Centerpiece from Digsdigs

Berries for Candle Decor from Digsdigs

Maple Leaves for Candles Decoration from Digsdigs

Decorative Candles from Digsdigs

Wheats and Pumpkins Centerpiece from Homestoriesatoz

Pumpkins Wreath for Centerpiece from Emmairenecavanagh

Pumpkins Centerpiece from Emmairenecavanagh

Centerpiece with Wheat from Emmairenecavanagh

Corn Additions from Homedit

Pumpkins Ornament Centerpiece from Homedit

Lantern Effects from Homedit

Sprinkle Sunflowers from Homedit

Maple Garland and Pumpkins for Mantel from Homedit

Branch Tablecloth from Trendir

Gold Pumpkins Vase from Trendir

White Pumpkins and Pine Cone from Trendir

Stacked Pumpkins from Trendir

Stacked Pumpkins and Pine Cone from Hgtv

Painted Pumpkins for Centerpiece from Thepaintedhinge

Pumpkins Centerpiece from Bestdesignprojects

Centerpiece Decoration with Pumpkins from Bestdesignprojects

Orange Pumpkins from Bestdesignprojects

Mantel Decor With Garland from Sageshub

Decorative Pumpkins from Homedit

Pine Cones for Centerpiece from Homedit

Pumpkins Centerpiece from Homedit

Small Pumpkins from Homedit

White Pumpkins and Fairy Lighting from Homedit

Pumpkins Candle Holder from Homedit

Corns Centerpiece from Homedit

Decorative Wheat for Centerpiece from Homeandecoration

Fruits Centerpiece from Onekindesign

Maple and Pumpkins for Table Decor from Onekindesign

Wreath on The Wall from Onekindesign

Orange Pumpkins for Table Decor from Stylemotivation

Pumpkins Candle Holder from Stylemotivation

Small Pumpkins from Stylemotivation

Corn and Pumpkins for Glass Centerpiece from Stylemotivation

Decorative Candle with Pine Cone from Homebnc

Sunflowers and Pumpkins Centerpiece from Homebnc

Red Berries and Pumpkins Centerpiece from Homebnc

Mason Jar Candle Holder from Dellsdailydish

Stacked Pumpkin from Champagnemacaroons

Pin Cone and White Pumpkins from Calypsointhecountry

Centerpiece With Pumpkin and Jars from Farmhouse

Brown Centerpiece with Pumpkins from Hometalk

Leaves and Fruits Centerpiece from Interiordesignblogs

Garland For Mantel from Interiordesignblogs

Wooden Centerpiece with Wheat from Digsdigs

Pumpkin Candle Holder from Digsdigs

Sunflower and Pumpkin for Centerpiece from Digsdigs

Thanksgiving decor With Pumpkins from Digsdigs

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