Decorative lighting is something that loved these days. It’s no wonder about that. Imagine that you can get the main function of it as the lighting and the additional function to beautify the decoration. When talking about the decorative lighting it must be something that has its aesthetic side whether in simplicity or something festive. From all of the decorative lighting ideas, the one that made of a mason jar is the common one. Not only because of the material that can be easily found, but mason jar also allow you to have varied designs.

There are many things that you can do with the mason jar that functioned as the lighting. You can utilize it as the fairy light, candle holder, or a simple lighting with a single small bulb. Then, to make it pretty and proper enough to be the decorative lighting, you should add some accessories like flower petals, foliage, ribbon, grain, dried fruit, and more. You can adjust the additional materials based on the concept you want to make or based on the decoration style you have in your home. Here we have 100 mason jar lighting design ideas you can adapt.

Pendant Light from Centophobe

Hanging Solar Mason Jar from Homedit

Maple Leaves Covered Jar Lighting from Sparkandchemistry

Jute Rope Covered Jar Lamps from Architectureartdesigns

Jars Lamps with Woven supports from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Constellation Jar from Architectureartdesigns

Jars Candles Holder from Architectureartdesigns

Fairy Light from Architectureartdesigns

Colorful Jars Lantern with Bulb from Freshpatio

Jars Lanterns with Gravels from Freshpatio

Bulb Jar Hang on the Fence from Freshpatio

Jars Lanterns from Freshpatio

Blue Mason Jar Outdoor Lighting from Freshpatio

Hanging Mason Jar Lantern from Freshpatio

Moroccan Jar Lighting from Freshpatio

Small Bulb Jar Lighting from Freshpatio

Fairy Mason Jar Lighting from Homebnc

Hanging Lantern with Wooden board from Protoolzone

Heart Stickers Covered Jar Lighting from Protoolzone

Painted Jar Lighting from Protoolzone

Patriotic Mason Jar Lighting from Protoolzone

String Covered Jars Lighting from Protoolzone

String Light Mason Jar from Loveandlavender

Hanging Jar Lantern with Ribbons from Tworingstudios

Fairy Jar Lighting With Shellfish from Farmfoodfamily

Decorative Jar Lighting with Wire Net from Farmfoodfamily

Mason Jar Fairy Lights Lamp from Homebnc

Jar Lantern With String Accessories from Digsdigs

Colorful Jar Chandelier from Digsdigs

Standing Jar Lamps from Digsdigs

String Covered Hanging Lamps from Digsdigs

Lace Covered Jar Lantern from Photojaanic

Jar Lighting With String Tie from Hometalk

Leaves Covered Jar Lighting from Thedesigntourist

Rustic Jar Candler from Deavita

Jar Bulb Lighting from Deavita

Jar Lighting With Ribbon Tie from Modpodgerocksblog

Glitter Jar Lighting from Modpodgerocksblog

Jar with Fairy Lamps from Architectureartdesigns

Hanging Jar Sconces from Architectureartdesigns

Jar Light Fixture from Architectureartdesigns

Vanity Lights with Jars from Architectureartdesigns

Decorative Jar Lighting from Architectureartdesigns

Cute Jar Lantern from Architectureartdesigns

Rustic Mason Jar Sconce from Architectureartdesigns

Jars Lantern With String Tie from Architectureartdesigns

Fairy Jar with Flowers from Architectureartdesigns

Moroccan Jar Lantern from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Moroccan Lantern from Gardendiyideas

Knotted Hanging Lanterns from Gardendiyideas

A Lantern with Beaded Handle from Gardendiyideas

Rope and Jar Lantern from Gardendiyideas

Fairy Jar Lighting With Ping Tie from Diycraftingideas

Jar Candle Holder from Diycraftingideas

Patterned Jar Lighting from Diycraftingideas

Colorful Jar Lighting from Decorating Hq

Jar Lighting with String Light from Watchmecraft

Decorative Hanging Jar Lamps from Ofdesign

Jars Candle Holder with Tie from Ofdesign

Hanging Jar Lantern from Homestratosphere

Painted Jar Lantern from Makeitgrateful

Glow Jar Lantern from Protoolzone

Wheel and Jar Lantern from Protoolzone

Group Jar Lantern from Protoolzone

Jar Lantern with Pin cone from Laughtard

Hanging Mason Jar Lighting from Moneypit

Jar Candle Holder from Homestolove

Group Jar Chandelier from Homestolove

Hanging Jar Lantern from Homestolove

Rope Covered Jar from Inmyownstyle

Small Jar Lantern from Diyprojects

Glass Jar Lantern from Intimateweddings

Patterned Jar Lantern from Youandkids

Colorful Jar Lighting from Youandkids

Painted Hanging Jar Lantern from Youandkids

JOY Jars Lantern from Youandkids

Rope Lanterns from Youandkids

Colorful Paper Covered Jars Lantern from Youandkids

Glitter Jar Lantern from Minipiccolini

White Jars Candle Holder from Shelterness

Knit Covered Jar Lantern from Shelterness

Macrame Jar Lanterns From Songbirdblog

Glass Jar Lantern from Postcardsfromtheridge

DIY Jar Lantern from Craftandsparkle

Decorative Jars with Gravels from Thehappyhousewife

Tissue Mason Jar Lanterns from Designimprovised

Leaves Covered Jar from Diyncrafts

DIY Upcycled Mason Jar Candle Holder from Notquitesusie

Dry Stems Jar Lantern from Kreativnitechniky

DIY Jar Candle Holder from Eluxemagazine

Yarn Covered Jar Lighting from Decozilla

Mason Jar Oil Lamps from Shutterfly

Moroccan Jar Candle Holder from Lushome

Jar Candle Holder with Ribbon from Lushome

Lace Covered Jar Lighting from Lushome

Small Jars Lantern from Ideastand

Jar Chandelier with Reclaimed Wood from Wildcatbarnsofmiddlesboro

Jar Lighting With Bulb from Wildcatbarnsofmiddlesboro

Decorative Jar Lighting from Wildcatbarnsofmiddlesboro

Burlap Covered Hanging Jar Lighting from Wildcatbarnsofmiddlesboro

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