Since the fireplace will be an important facility during winter, then don’t be satisfied with a simple design only. Anyway, the first thing that you should do is making sure that your fireplace works well. Then, of course, you should do a little bit of decoration for your fireplace so that it has the winter touches. Whatever the design style that you have for your fireplace, whether it is modern, classic, rustic, or farmhouse, all of those will be even more awesome to be given with the winter touches.

Let’s start talking about the decoration references that you can apply to your fireplace. The first idea will be adding evergreen. Why evergreen? Because it is closely related to the Christmas celebration where that will happen in winter. Simply use the evergreen to make a garland or wreath and install it to the fireplace. The other idea is applying the mantel near the fireplace, make socks ornament, adding some candles, snowflakes, small Christmas trees, and other interesting ideas that you can find down below.

Feather Christmas Tree from Diys

White Candles from Diys

Snowflake Garland from Diys

Evergreens Tree from Diys

White Tree and Snowflake Ornament from Diys

Evergreen Garland from Diys

Socks and Evergreen Garland from Digsdigs

Evergreen Wreath and Snowflake from Digsdigs

White Wreath from Digsdigs

Socks Ornament from Digsdigs

Glitter Candles from Digsdigs

Evergreen with Fairy Lamps from Digsdigs

Beige Socks Ornament from Digsdigs

Knit Socks Ornament from Homecrux

White Christmas Tree from Homecrux

DIY Evergreen Wreath from Homecrux

Pine Cone and Evergreen Garland from Homecrux

Pom Pom Garland and Evergreens from Homecrux

Small Christmas Tree Ornament from Homecrux

DIY Evergreen Garland from Homecrux

Small Christmas Tree from Homecrux

Wooden Socks Ornament from Homecrux

Colorful Christmas Tree from Homecrux

Decorative Candles from Homecrux

Blue Snowflakes Ornament from Familyholiday

Glass Candle Holders from Familyholiday

Decorative Candle Holders from Familyholiday

DIY Wooden Christmas Trees from Familyholiday

Evergreen and Red Berries Garland from Familyholiday

Patterned Socks Ornament from Familyholiday

Colorful Pom Pom Garland from Familyholiday

Striped Socks Ornament from Familyholiday

Evergreen Wreath with String Light from Familyholiday

Evergreen Garland with String Light from Familyholiday

White Socks Ornament and Christmas Trees from Familyholiday

Red and White Socks Ornament from Familyholiday

Red Christmas Trees Ornament from Lushome

White Socks Garland from Lushome

Burlap and Evergreen Garland from Lushome

DIY Evergreen Garland from Lushome

Jingle Bell Garland from Lushome

Light Garland With Snowflake from Lushome

Lush Greenery Garland from Lushome

Evergreen Wreath and White Socks from Lushome

Christmas Tree with String Light from Lushome

White and Red Christmas Tree Ornament from Lushome

Lit by Candlelight from Countryliving

Vintage Christmas Trees from Countryliving

Red Jingle Bell Ornament from Countryliving

Evergreen Ornament from Countryliving

Plaid Socks Garland from Countryliving

Evergreen on The Vase from Lushome

Red Socks from Lushome

White Socks from Lushome

Twig and Socks Garland from Lushome

White Socks and Evergreen Garland from Lushome

Wooden Candle Holder from Homestoriesatoz

Snowflake Garland from Homestoriesatoz

White Candle Holder from Prettymyparty

String Light and Evergreen Garland from Prettymyparty

Knit Socks Ornament from Prettymyparty

Evergreens and White Wreath from Prettymyparty

Wooden Evergreen Ornament from Prettymyparty

Evergreen Garland from Mamasdance

Hanging Socks Ornament from Mamasdance

Gold Candles Holder from Ballarddesigns

Evergreen Trees from Ballarddesigns

Knick Knack Garland from Theletteredcottage

Gold Candles from Jane Athome

White Pom Pom Garland from Bostondesignguide

Feather Garland from Fromhousetohome

Pine Cone and Evergreen Garland from Fromhousetohome

Wool Socks Ornament from Curatedinterior

Deer Ornament from Curatedinterior

Evergreen Trees and Socks Ornament from Curatedinterior

White and Gold Christmas Tree from Curatedinterior

Red and White Mantel Decor from Curatedinterior

Bright Socks Ornament from Curatedinterior

Colorful Decorative Candles from Decoist

Yarn Christmas Trees from Decoist

DIY Evergreen Garland from Decoist

Snowflake Garland from Vinylcuttingmachines

DIY Paper Snowflake Garland from Digsdigs

Paper Christmas Trees from Idealhome

Evergreen and Candles from Idealhome

Small Deers Ornament from Idealhome

Green Wreath from Idealhome

Red Christmas Trees Ornament from Idealhome

Sock with Blue Ribbon from Mymove

DIY Leaves Wreath from Mymove

Colorful Jingle Bell Garland from Mymove

Evergreen and Candles from Mymove

Red Candles and Evergreen from Mymove

White Christmas Tree Ornament from Mymove

Long Evergreen Garland from Mymove

DIY Pallet Snowflake from Divaofdiy

String Light Wreath from Vanchitecture

Colorful Christmas Trees from Bhg

Red Jingle Bell Garland from Bhg

Striped Decorative Candles from Bhg

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