Even when winter doesn’t allow you to enjoy the moment outside, but decorating your outdoor space still really recommended. It will be useful to strengthen the winter impression so that the season could be matched well with your house look. Moreover, it also functioned to give a good impression to your guests. Remember that the front part becomes the first impression for those who visit your house. Anyway, talking about the outdoor decoration, it won’t only about the front part of your house but also for your back part of your house.

There are many things that you can apply to the decoration. It consists of furniture, ornament, plants that possible to grow during the cold winter, and other additional accessories. Also, it will be great if you can provide the fireplace or fire pit so that you can really enjoy your outdoor moment. Then, talking about the ornament, bring something that indicates the winter season like evergreen, snowmen, pinecone, Christmas ball, and more. Don’t forget to provide the rug, throw blanket, and cushion to give a warm feeling and add comfort to your porch and patio.

Evergreen Trees from Farmfoodfamily

White Twig from Farmfoodfamily

Paver Fire Pit from Farmfoodfamily

Evergreen Wreath and Patterned Carpet from Mamainthemidst

Thick Blanket and Evergreen from Curatedinterior

Wooden Snowflake Ornament from 99bestdecor

Hanging Snowflakes Ornament from Onekindesign

Decorative Evergreen Tree from Onekindesign

Evergreen Wreath with Ribbon from Onekindesign

Evergreen Trees from Onekindesign

Evergreen and Jingle Ball Wreath from Onekindesign

Pine Cone Wreath from Onekindesign

Colorful Garland from Onekindesign

Candy Cane on the Vase from Onekindesign

Pine Cone and Jingle Bell Garland from Onekindesign

Decorative Candle Holder from Onekindesign

Evergreen Trees from Onekindesign

Wooden Snowman from Onekindesign

Branch with String Light from Onekindesign

Christmas Ball Decorative from Onekindesign

Fur Rug and Lantern from Gardenoholic

Jingle Bell Wreath from Gardenoholic

Evergreen with String Light from Gardenoholic

Striped Blanket from Gardenoholic

DIY Christmas Tree from Gardenoholic

Evergreen Trees on the Vase from Gardenoholic

Branch and Pine Cone Wreath from Gardenoholic

Wooden Christmas Tree from Gardenoholic

Winter Cushion Cover from Gardenoholic

Three Evergreen Wreaths from Gardenoholic

Wooden Christmas Tree from Remodelaholic

Hanging Paper Snowflakes from Remodelaholic

Painted Wooden Snowman from Thefrugalhomemaker

Branch Snowman Wreath from Digsdigs

Decorative Evergreen Tree from Digsdigs

Evergreen Wreath from Digsdigs

A Round Fire Pit from Hgtv

Grey Fur Rug from Homemydesign

Fur Rug and Branch Wreath from Homemydesign

Brown Fur Rug from Homemydesign

Evergreen Trees from Homemydesign

Hanging Snowflake from Balconygardenweb

Pots Snowman from Balconygardenweb

Pallet Wooden Christmas Tree from Balconygardenweb

Upcycled Tires Christmas Ornaments from Balconygardenweb

Plywood Snowman from Digsdigs

Plate Snowman from Digsdigs

Painted Pumpkins Snowman from Digsdigs

Old Tires Snowman from Digsdigs

Slice Wooden Snowman from Vintagechristmasdecorating

Old Wooden Snowman from Vintagechristmasdecorating

Wooden Snowflake Ornament from Shelterness

Snowman Ornament from Mymove

Red Blanket and Evergreen Tree from Digsdigs

Knit Blankets from Digsdigs

White Fur Blankets from Digsdigs

Metal Fireplace from Digsdigs

Colored Christmas Ornament from Happychristmasnewyeargreetings

Santa Wreath Ornament from Happychristmasnewyeargreetings

White light Snowman from Happychristmasnewyeargreetings

Reindeer Ornament from Happychristmasnewyeargreetings

Metal Fire Pit from Lightingstores

Santa and Snowman Ornament from Deavita

Gingerbread Ornament from Deavita

Candy Cane from Deavita

Family Snowman Ornament from Deavita

Decorative Evergreen Tree from Youandkids

Wooden Snowflake Ornament from Youandkids

White Fur Blanket from Youandkids

Ball Wreath from Youandkids

Hanging Snowflake Ornament from Craftandhomeideas

DIY Evergreen Wreath from Housebeautiful

Patterned Blankets from Housebeautiful

Stone Fire Pit from Housebeautiful

Stagger Lanterns from Housebeautiful

Candy Cane Wreath from Housebeautiful

Christmas Tree from Housebeautiful

Long Evergreen Garland from Housebeautiful

Pallet Wooden Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Evergreen and Fabric Garland from Thegardenglove

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Wooden and String Light Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Evergreen Tree with Berries from Thegardenglove

String Light Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Patterned Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Wooden Deer Ornament from Thegardenglove

Driftwood Christmas Tree from Acultivatednest

Snowman Porch Decorations from Acultivatednest

Evergreen Santa from Chicpursuit

Snowman Door Decor from Chicpursuit

Snowman Garage Door Decor from Chicpursuit

Red & White Porch Decor from Chicpursuit

Light Up Snowman Decoration from Chicpursuit

Welcome Board Snowman from Chicpursuit

Candy Cane Mailbox Decor from Chicpursuit

Leaves Wreaths from Homedit

Jar Lighting and Snowflake Ornament from Homedit

DIY PVC Candy Cane from Homedit

Snowflake Cover Cushion from Homedit

Christmas Tree with Red Ribbon from Homedit

Logs Reindeer from Craft-Lovers

Gingerbread Man from Craft-Lovers

Painted PVC Pipe Candy Cane from Craft-Lovers

White Wooden Snowman from Craft-Lovers

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