You might think that you can’t have the greenery during the winter because the weather will be too cold. However, trust me that you can still make your home looks fresh with the greenery. There are still some plants that including the evergreen where those kinds of plants can live in such bad weather and live long in a whole year. For the greenery itself, you can put it indoors or outdoor if you have the space that still capable enough to spend your time there during winter.

Well, greenery will play such an important role in your home decoration to make your home feels proper enough to live in. That is why it will be ok if you put the greenery here and there. Have it in form of real plants or the ornaments like wreaths or garlands. Use the evergreen for the ornament. Also, you can put a Christmas tree at once, since Christmas will be there during winter. It will be a very effective idea because you can have more than one benefit with the Christmas tree. Here we have some greenery ideas that you can have for your home during winter and also the placement references. Enjoy!

Indoor Banana Plant from Elledecor

Evergreen Tree from Elledecor

Living Room Greenery from Apartmenttherapy

Palm Plant from Apartmenttherapy

Decorative Succulent from Apartmenttherapy

Cactus Plants from Apartmenttherapy

Snake Plant from Apartmenttherapy

Greeneries In the Living Room from Apartmenttherapy

Hanging Greenery from Apartmenttherapy

Simple Living Room Greenery from Apartmenttherapy

Racks Plants from Apartmenttherapy

Vines from Apartmenttherapy

Entryway Greenery from Countryliving

Bedroom Greenery from Youhadmeatgardening

Hanging Greenery from Youhadmeatgardening

Corner Plant from Realhomes

Mantel Greenery from Apartmenttherapy

Ivy Plants from Apartmenttherapy

Hanging Greenery from Apartmenttherapy

Big Palm Plant from Propertyguru

Corner Plants from Onekindesign

Small Living Room Plant from Ohidesignstudio

Palm on the Pot from Herblissfullife

Wall Plants from Herblissfullife

Aloe Vera and Snake Plant from Herblissfullife

Living Room Plant from Herblissfullife

Fresh Living Room With Greenery from Herblissfullife

Wall Garden from Mymove

Fireplace Greenery from Idealhome

Leather Fern Plant from Idealhome

Mini Wall Garden from Idealhome

Succulent Plant on the Table from Idealhome

Big Plant in The Living Room from Delightfull

Broadleaf Plants from Delightfull

Cactus and Succulents Plants from Delightfull

Bedroom Greenery from Dailydreamdecor

Corner Bedroom Plant from Dailydreamdecor

Hanging Vines from Dailydreamdecor

Vines and Banana Plant from Dailydreamdecor

Monster Plants from Dailydreamdecor

Hanging Greenery from Dailydreamdecor

Banana Plant on the Pot from Dailydreamdecor

Hanging Leather Fern from Dailydreamdecor

Greenery on The Table from Ballarddesigns

Wall Vine from Graceinmyspace

Evergreen Tree from Graceinmyspace

Cabinet Evergreen from Graceinmyspace

Living Room Evergreen from Graceinmyspace

Dining room Greenery from Followtheyellowbrickhome

Wall Garden from Mvmag

Banana Plant from Apartmenttherapy

Palm Plant from Apartmenttherapy

Windows Greenery from Apartmenttherapy

Snake Plant from Apartmenttherapy

Living Room Greenery from Apartmenttherapy

Insect Plants from Decoist

Banana Plant from Decoist

Evergreen Tree from Homedecorbliss

Palm tree from Homedecorbliss

Living Room With Banana Plant from Homedecorbliss

Two Palm Tree from Homedecorbliss

Broadleaf Plants from Homestratosphere

Broadleaf Plants on the Pot from Homestratosphere

Corner Greenery from Homestratosphere

Some Greenery in the Living Room from Homestratosphere

Greenery On the Table from Homestratosphere

Big Banana Plant from Homestratosphere

Greenery Around the Sofa from Homestratosphere

Medium Palm Tree from Homestratosphere

Small Living room Greenery from Homestratosphere

Palm Plants at the Corner from Homestratosphere

Greenery in the Living Room from Homestratosphere

Greenery on The Coffee Table from Homestratosphere

Mini Table Greenery from Homestratosphere

Tall Evergreen from Homestratosphere

Hanging Vines Plant from Greenweddingshoes

Hanging Plants from Greenweddingshoes

Green Plant on the Nightstand from Greenweddingshoes

Plants with Terracotta Plant from Greenweddingshoes

Decorative Rack with Greenery from Greenweddingshoes

Artificial Greenery from Greenweddingshoes

Broadleaf Plants with Rattan Pot from Theanastasiaco

Snake Plant and Palm from Theanastasiaco

Pandan plant from Theanastasiaco

Bedside Greenery from Theanastasiaco

Mini Evergreen Tree from Foxhollowcottage

Living Room with Evergreen from Primroseandplum

Green Snake Plant from Youandkids

Home Office Evergreen from Youandkids

Tree Greenery In the Living Room from Mymove

Taro Plants from Mymove

Corner House Plant from Homestratosphere

Monstera Plants from Homestratosphere

Snake Plant on the Table from Homestratosphere

Evergreen on the Vase from Digsdigs

Banana Plant on the Pot from Architecturaldigest

Broadleaf Plants from Spacejoy

Ivy Plant from Spacejoy

Dining Table Greenery from Spacejoy

Pandan Plant from Spacejoy

Taro Plants from Spacejoy

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