Since Christmas is such a holy and most awaited celebration in a year, then you should make sure that you decorate it well. You can start the decoration from the indoor space of your home. There might be so many decoration style ideas that you can apply for your Christmas decoration, but you should make it feels holy and warm. In this case, there are some things that you can consider to have for the decoration that we will talk about more here. Even more, we have 100 picture references that you can use for your inspirations.

For the holy atmosphere, the first thing that you should consider is lighting. You can install the lighting here and there. However, you should make sure that you choose the dim color lighting so that you can keep the atmosphere to be holy and warm. After that, you can consider the ornament that you will bring to your home decoration. In this case, you can choose Santa things both for the ornament or at least the color that characterizes the Santa which is red. Also, you can have a white color that won’t fail you for Christmas decoration. Now please check the following pictures out!

Snowy Jar Centerpiece from Andomtalks Snydle

Red Wreaths from Andomtalks Snydle

Colorful Mantel Decor from Andomtalks Snydle

Red Ball Chandelier from Andomtalks Snydle

Reindeer Ornament from Andomtalks Snydle

Colorful Ball Centerpiece from Andomtalks Snydle

Evergreen Christmas Tree from Digsdigs

Red Christmas Trees Ornament from Digsdigs

Evergreen Wreath from Digsdigs

Decorative Christmas Tree from Digsdigs

Snowy Christmas Tree from Digsdigs

Glam Christmas Tree from Digsdigs

Long Garland from Digsdigs

Fresh Christmas Tree from Digsdigs

Plaid Cushions from Christmas.365greetings

Red Lantern from Christmas.365greetings

Ball and Evergreen Garland from Christmas.365greetings

Colorful Wreath from Christmas.365greetings

Yarn Christmas Tree from Christmas.365greetings

Green Christmas Tree from Christmas.365greetings

Mini Christmas Tree from Christmas.365greetings

Evergreen Centerpiece from Idealhome

Christmas Tree Ornament from Idealhome

White Christmas Tree Ornament from Onekindesign

DIY Christmas Tree from Onekindesign

JOY Sign from Onekindesign

Ceiling Garland with String Light from Onekindesign

Stair Garland from Onekindesign

Round Wreath from Onekindesign

Evergreen Garland from Onekindesign

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament from Onekindesign

Decorative Table Console from Onekindesign

NOEL Wreath from Onekindesign

Mini Snowy Christmas Tree from Onekindesign

Red and White Table Setting from Digsdigs

Decorative Chandelier from Digsdigs

Red Christmas Tree from Modernhoney

DIY Christmas Tree from Modernhoney

Music Sheets Christmas Tree from Christmas Snydle

Santa Ornament from Christmas Snydle

Terrarium Family Snowman from Christmas Snydle

Chalkboard Christmas Tree from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Christmas Snow Globes from Homebnc

Colorful Ball Christmas Tree from Homebnc

Gingerbread Wreath from Curatedinterior

Chairs Wreath from Curatedinterior

Windows Garland from Curatedinterior

Christmas Tiered Stand Decor from Curatedinterior

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree from Curatedinterior

Candy Cane Christmas Tree from Womansday

Candy Cane Candle Holder from Digsdigs

Styrofoam Santa Hats from Pinklover Snydle

Wooden Santa from Pinklover Snydle

Wine Bottle Santa from Pinklover Snydle

Bottle Christmas Ornament from Woohome

Pot Reindeer from Woohome

Milk Jug Snowman Lighting from Woohome

Pine Cone Christmas Tree from Woohome

Cork Christmas Tree from Woohome

Sock Santa Garland from Homebnc

Colorful Snowflake from Homebnc

Red Snowflakes from Homebnc

Starry Night from Homebnc

Simple Birchwood Candle from Homebnc

Starlight from Homebnc

Pallet Christmas Tree from Homebnc

DIY Candy Cane from Homebnc

Pine Cone Garland from Homebnc

White Winter Creation from Homebnc

Christmas Mantel Decor from Homebnc

Plaid Christmas Creations from Homebnc

Ribbon Christmas Planner from Homebnc

Burlap Sign from Homebnc

Evergreen and Ribbon Wreath from Digsdigs

Candy Cane Garland from Digsdigs

Barn Wood Christmas Gifts from Hikendip

Pallet Christmas Tree from Hikendip

Pallet Wood Santa from Hikendip

Red Rae Dunn Display from Hikendip

Santa Christmas Tree from Hikendip

White Wooden Christmas Tree from Hikendip

Wooden Snowman from Hikendip

Christmas Tree Rae Dunn Display from Hikendip

Merry Wall Art from Homebnc

Innovative Wreath from Homebnc

Red Ribbon Star Wall Art from Homebnc

Christmas Lights Tree from Homebnc

Mantel Garland from Hikendip

Christmas Tiered Tray from Hikendip

Open Cabinet Decor from Hikendip

Decorative Rae Dunn Display from Hikendip

Reindeer Ornament from Hikendip

Evergreen Centerpiece from Apieceofrainbow

Pine Cone Centerpiece from Apieceofrainbow

Decorative Red Candles from Apieceofrainbow

Glass Hurricane Vases from Apieceofrainbow

Christmas Lantern from Hikendip

Cabinet Wreath from Hikendip

Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree from Hikendip

Red Christmas Tree from Ecstasycoffee

Red Stair Garland from Ecstasycoffee

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