It is quite impossible for you to spend your time outside when winter comes. Enjoying the moment in the yard will freeze you. Well, yes! you might still be able to play with the snow outside but not in a long time. That is why here we do recommend you to have the window decoration during winter. Besides for beauty purposes, it will also functional to give you such a good view when looking outside into your yard through the window. You won’t be bored spending your time inside while you can enjoy the snow scenery through the good window decoration.

There are some ways that you do for your winter window decoration treatment. You can even make it with DIY projects. For example, you can install decorative lighting or a string lamp to your window. Arrange the installation so that it looks pretty. Also, you can make some papercraft to create snowflakes, Christmas trees, garlands, etc. then install it to your window. The other ideas are still available and possible to make as we mention below through some pictures. Enjoy!

Colorful Balls from Homecrux

String Lights from Homecrux

Evergreen Wreaths from Homecrux

Star Lighting from Homecrux

Candy Ornament from Homecrux

Star and Tree Ornament from Homecrux

Hanging Wreath from Topinspired

Pom Pom Garland from Topinspired

Pine Cone Garland from Topinspired

Reindeer and Pine Cone Ornament from Digsdigs

Snowy Glass Windows from Digsdigs

DIY Paper Ball Ornament from Digsdigs

Triangle Paper Garland from Digsdigs

DIY Paper Snowflake from Digsdigs

Paper Christmas Trees from Digsdigs

Hanging Balls Ornament from Digsdigs

Evergreen Wreath and Garland from Digsdigs

Pine Cone Wreath from Digsdigs

Gingerbread Houses from Digsdigs

DIY Yarn Balls from Digsdigs

Painted Pinecone from Digsdigs

White Wreaths from Digsdigs

Gingerbread Cookies from Digsdigs

Candy Cane from Digsdigs

Silver Balls Ornament from Digsdigs

DIY Snowflakes Garland from Digsdigs

Snowy Mini Christmas Tree from Digsdigs

Snowflake and Balls Garland from Digsdigs

Red Snowflakes from Digsdigs

Evergreen and Pine Cone Wreath from Digsdigs

Big Star Ornament from Digsdigs

Twig on the Vase from Digsdigs

White Hanging Star Ornament from Digsdigs

Socks Garland from Digsdigs

Paper Snowman from Digsdigs

Red Garland from Christmas Snydle

Two Wreaths from Christmas Snydle

Hand Drawn Ornaments from Christmas Snydle

Snowflake from Christmas Snydle

Advent Calendar Window Decor from Christmas Snydle

Big Star Lighting from Homebnc

Paper Trees from Homebnc

White Snowflake Garland from Homebnc

Hanging Star Ornament from Homebnc

Reindeer from Homebnc

Illuminated Night from Homebnc

Reindeer and Trees from Homebnc

Snowflake Ornament from Hobbylesson

Red Balls Ornament from Hobbylesson

Hot Glue Snowflake from Hobbylesson

Chalkboard Snowflake from Hobbylesson

Star Ornament from Superhitideas

Gingerbread Ornament from Superhitideas

Santa Ornament from Superhitideas

Snowflake Lighting from Superhitideas

White Christmas Tree from Epdesignlab

Candy Cane Lighting from Epdesignlab

Red Balls and Snowflakes from Decoist

Colorful String Light from Fleamarketgardening

DIY Reindeers Ornament from Fleamarketgardening

Snowy Wreath from Fleamarketgardening

Snowballs Garland from Digsdigs

Cotton Wreath from Digsdigs

Star and Tree Ornament from Lushome

Star and Trees Sticker from Shelterness

Candle Hoops from Homelysmart

Christmas Globe Sticker from Homelysmart

Toys Garland from Homelysmart

Three Star Ornament from Homelysmart

Hanger Christmas Tree from Homelysmart

Tall White Tree from Homelysmart

Pine Tree Rows from Homelysmart

Santa Sticker from Homelysmart

Santa and Reindeer Sticker from Homelysmart

Snow Village from Homelysmart

Stacking Snowman from Homelysmart

Christmas Branch from Homelysmart

Balls Sticker from Hobbylesson

Pine Cone Garland from Hobbylesson

String Light and Paper Christmas Tree from Collagecab

Snowflake Ornament from Collagecab

Santa Sticker from Collagecab

Colorful String Light from Womansday

Red Balls Ornament from Countryliving

Hanging Snowflake Balls from Alvazz

Hanging Gingerbread House from Womansday

Hanging Santa’s Socks from Womansday

Branch Star Ornament from Womansday

Wreath Lighting from Womansday

Red Wreath from Superhitideas

Evergreen Garland from Superhitideas

Christmas Tree and Candles from Superhitideas

Brown Christmas Tree from Collagecab

Window Gift from Collagecab

Snowman Sticker from Collagecab

Hanging Star Ornament from Collagecab

Santa and Christmas Tree Sticker from Collagecab

White Snowflake from Collagecab

White Feather Wreath from Collagecab

Winter Gift Garland from Topinspired

Glitter Snowflake from Topinspired

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