It is known that the farmhouse style able to bring a warm atmosphere to any decoration. Related to that, we do recommend you to have it for your Christmas decoration. There might be some materials that you can have for your farmhouse decoration, but, from all of the materials available, you can choose wood. Wood will be the easiest material to be formed into varied shapes. Also, it is easy to find and cheap. Well, there are some expensive wood types but you can still use the cheap one since that will be worth it too.

When talking about Christmas decoration, of course, that won’t be far from the Christmas tree, snowman, or Santa. You don’t need to be worried since you can have those ornaments by making the DIY projects. There are still so many varied ornaments and decoration ideas that you can have by using the wood that will effectively create the farmhouse atmosphere. The good news is that we have 100 ideas to be your references. We provided the easy and cheap DIY wooden Christmas projects that must be proper for you. Check the following pictures out!

DIY Log Reindeer from Diyncrafts

Reclaimed Beam Snowmen from Diyncrafts

Three Pallet Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Reclaimed Wooden Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Countdown Sign from Thegardenglove

Wooden Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Wood Slice Ornament from Housebeautiful

Twig Christmas Tree from Housebeautiful

Mini Christmas Sign from Diyncrafts

Calligraphy Wooden Sign from Digsdigs

Barnwood JOY Sign from Digsdigs

Christmas Wood Stain Sign from Digsdigs

Star Christmas Ornament from Digsdigs

Stacked Block Sign from Digsdigs

Recycled Wooden Sign from Digsdigs

Red Pallet Sign from Digsdigs

Rustic White Signs from Digsdigs

Wooden Nativity Sign from Digsdigs

Weathered Wooden JOY Sign from Digsdigs

Wall Tree Shelf from Digsdigs

Patterned Wooden Tree from Digsdigs

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree from Digsdigs

Whitewashed Pallet Sign from Digsdigs

DIY Wooden Reindeer from Digsdigs

Pallet JOY Art from Digsdigs

Wooden Box Centerpiece from Digsdigs

Thick Wood Christmas Ornaments from Digsdigs

Repurposed Toolbox Centerpiece from Digsdigs

DIY Wood Slice Reindeer Ornament from Dearcrissy

Sparkly Star Wooden Slice from Kidscraftroom

Old Fence Board Snowman from Diycozyhome

Old Log Snowman from Diycozyhome

Wooden Log Santa from Diycozyhome

Old Windows Snowman from Diycozyhome

Wooden Stick Christmas Tree from Diycozyhome

Sleigh from Hometalk

Barn Wood Christmas Gifts from Hikendip

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree from Hikendip

JOY Pallet Signboard from Hikendip

Leader Christmas Tree from Hikendip

Christmas Tree Truck Sign from Homebnc

Countdown Calendar Display from Homebnc

 Joy Vertical Wooden Sign from Homebnc

Classic Wood Sign from Homebnc

Hand Painted Wooden Snowman from Homebnc

Log Woods Christmas Tree from Hikendip

Pallet Wood Christmas Craft from Hikendip

DIY Wooden Christmas Balls from Hikendip

Christmas Trees from Hikendip

Pallet Wood Santa from Hikendip

Wood Snowman from Hikendip

Joy Christmas Wooden Blocks from Hikendip

Santa Christmas Tree from Hikendip

Snowman Advent Calendar from Hikendip

Wooden Board Snowman and Santa from Hikendip

Tree Rae Dunn Display from Hikendip

Crate Box Snowman from Hikendip

White Christmas Tree from Hikendip

Wooden Wreath from Bobvila

Wooden Star from Homebnc

Christmas Tree Wall Art from Homebnc

Sleigh Christmas Shelf Display from Homebnc

Wood Snowflake Sign from Homebnc

DIY “Merry Christmas” Wall Sign from Homebnc

DIY Wooden Patchwork Stars from Homebnc

DIY Wood Block Snowman from Anikasdiylife

DIY Tree Cutout Art from Anikasdiylife

Pallet Santa from Anikasdiylife

Scrap Wood Christmas Tree from Anikasdiylife

White Wooden Snowman Family from Anikasdiylife

Block Snowman from Anikasdiylife

Wooden Santa from Anikasdiylife

Snowboard Ornament from Anikasdiylife

DIY Slice Wreath from Anikasdiylife

Wooden Log Candle Holder from Anikasdiylife

DIY Barn Star Art from Anikasdiylife

Patchwork Wooden Tree from Anikasdiylife

DIY Rustic Moose from Anikasdiylife

Slice Christmas Tree from Anikasdiylife

Star Ornament from Onecrazyhouse

Pallet Candles from Onecrazyhouse

Wooden Gift from Onecrazyhouse

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree from Onecrazyhouse

Rustic Stocking Holder from Onecrazyhouse

Santa and Reindeer Pallet from Onecrazyhouse

Colorful Wooden Wreath from Onecrazyhouse

Pallet Snowman from Onecrazyhouse

Wooden Reindeer from Stylishrevamp

DIY Reindeer from Meeganmakes

Mini Star Ornament from Meeganmakes

Wooden Lantern from Apieceofrainbow

Slice Christmas Tree Ornament from Shelterness

White Deer from Christmas Snydle

Wooden Christmas Ornament from Christmas Snydle

Star Garland from Christmas Snydle

Branch Christmas Tree from Christmas Snydle

Gingerbread House from Christmas Snydle

Wooden Bell from Christmas Snydle

Wooden Log Candle Holder from Christmas Snydle

Wood Slice Snowman from Hative

DIY Stacked Wood Santa from Hative

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