Need some cheap winter decoration crafts? The mason jar will be the answer for you. Not only cheap but it also really flexible to be made into the varied craft. However, you should prepare for other additional materials to create the shape or design that you want. Commonly, it will be the beads, pom pom, button, ribbon, pipe cleaner, evergreen, berries, grain, pinecone, and more. Just simply prepare for the designs that you want then adjust the materials that you may need.

When talking about winter decoration, then you can use the mason jar to make the craft with winter touches like giving the snowy effect or making the snowman shape. Use the mason jar to be the ornament, fairy lighting, container, candle holder, or vase. It will great to have the mason jar here and there with the varied designs, of course. Make sure that you don’t make your home decor looks boring because you put too many mason jars in the same design. Go get the references below and you’ll be in awe!

Snowman Mason Jar from Woohome

Snowy Red Berries Jar from Woohome

Snowman Jar Lighting from Woohome

 Snow Globe Jar from Masonjarcraftslove

Stamped Snowflake Mason Jar from Masonjarcraftslove

DIY Snowman Jar from Masonjarcraftslove

Pine Cone Snowy Jar from Apieceofrainbow

Christmas Tree Snowy Jar from Masonjarcraftslove

Candy Cane Jar from Masonjarcraftslove

Christmas Sweater Mason Jars from Masonjarcraftslove

Christmas Tree Jar from Masonjarcraftslove

Mini Reindeer Jar from Masonjarcraftslove

Painted Snowflake Mason Jar from Masonjarcraftslove

DIY Hand Painted Jars from Ultimatehomeideas

Reindeer and Santa Jar from Ultimatehomeideas

Silhouette Lantern from Ultimatehomeideas

Santa Hand Prints from Ultimatehomeideas

Colorful Jar from Ultimatehomeideas

DIY Snowman Jar from Ultimatehomeideas

Mason Jar Candle Holder from Ultimatehomeideas

Mason Jar String Light from Ultimatehomeideas

Mason Jar Star Light from Ultimatehomeideas

Decorative Jar Candle Holder from Thefarmgirlgabs

Hanging Snowflake Jar from Diyjoy

Snowflake Snowy Jar from Diyjoy

Glitter Reindeer Jar from Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

Hanging Snowy Jar from Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

Decorative Jar Vase from Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

DIY Peppermint Mason Jar Candles from Architectureartdesigns

Pine Cone Jar Candle Holder from Architectureartdesigns

Penguin Jar Lantern from Architectureartdesigns

Painted Snowman Jar from Decorhomeideas

Santa’s Colored Mason Jars from Decorhomeideas

Romantic Candle Jar from Decorhomeideas

Buffalo Check Mason Jar from Decorhomeideas

Red and White Candle Jar from Decorhomeideas

Candy Christmas Jar from Decorhomeideas

Mistletoe Jar from Decorhomeideas

JOY Jar Lantern from Decorhomeideas

Kid’s Snowman Jar from Decorhomeideas

Bambi Jar from Decorhomeideas

Christmas Tree Snow Globe Jar from Decorhomeideas

House Snow Globe Jar from Decorhomeideas

Hand Painted Rustic Snowman Jar from Decorhomeideas

Snowman Candle Holder from Decorhomeideas

Whiter Than Snow Jar from Decorhomeideas

Snowman Jar from Decorhomeideas

Gingerbread City Jar from Decorhomeideas

Knit Covered Jar Lantern from Architectureartdesigns

Painted Santa Jar from Architectureartdesigns

Snowflake Jar Lantern from Thistinybluehouse

White Mason Jar with Evergreen from Thistinybluehouse

Blue Christmas Tree Snowy from Thistinybluehouse

Snowman Christmas Tree from Thistinybluehouse

Snowflake Jar Luminaries from Creativeramblingsblog

White Snowflake Jar Candle Holder from Sewhistorically

Red House Snowy Jar from Mommacan

Christmas Tree Snowy Jar from Mommacan

Gold Tree Snowy Jar from Handyhometips

Mason Jar Christmas Tree from Handyhometips

Winter Wonderland Jar from Handyhometips

DIY Unicorn Snow Globe from Diyjoy

DIY Waterless Deer Snow Globes from Diyjoy

Vintage Jar Snow Globe from Diyjoy

Snowman Jar from Wonderfuldiy

Winter Luminary Jar from Creativeramblingsblog

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes from Masonjarcraftsblog

Car Snowy Jar from Masonjarcraftsblog

Gingerbread Jar from Masonjarcraftsblog

Santa Mason Jar from Shelterness

NOEL Mason Jar from Shelterness

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe from Shelterness

DIY Bottle Brush Trees from Shelterness

DIY frosted candle jar from Shelterness

Crochet Covered Jar from Shelterness

Snowy Fairy Lighting Jar from Smartrvcamper

JOY Mason Jar from Smartrvcamper

Blue Jar Christmas Tree from Forcreativejuice

Snowy Red Jar from Forcreativejuice

Glitter Jar from Alittletipsy

Wreath Jar from Foxhollowcottage

Candy Cane Jar from Foxhollowcottage

Mini Snowman Jar from Crazylittleprojects

Reindeer Snowy Jar from Christmas365greetings

Winter Village Jars from Christmas365greetings

Snow Domes Jar from Christmas365greetings

Christmas Gift from Floweraura

Mason Jar Lighting from Floweraura

Snowflake Jar from Apumpkinandaprincess

Three Snowman Jar from Diycuteness

Christmas Diorama Jar from Diycuteness

Christmas Gnome from Diycuteness

Striped Snowy Jar from Diycuteness

Mason Jar Snowglobe from Diycuteness

Silhouette Luminary from Diycuteness

Winter Scene in Jar from Diycuteness

DIY Winter Jar Lantern from Youandkids

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