As we all know that the kitchen is one of the rooms at home where we can share the love with our family. Even, some people get their kitchen cozier than the other rooms. Also, they are willing to spend more money to design the kitchen as great as possible. The nice design of a kitchen affects the mood when we are cooking and serving the meals. Thus, find the appropriate style for your kitchen to create a good mood.

From all the things that must be considered for kitchen design, cleanliness is the first thing to think about. Then, in getting the best style, choose the one which gives a cozy ambiance and stunning look. Well, consider a farmhouse style that offers you reclaimed wooden elements and an antique look for your kitchen.

This white farmhouse kitchen is so elegant. Classic window frame creates a sleek impression with white color. You can apply it to your current kitchen décor. White farmhouse kitchen from homebnc
Bring out nature by having an indoor plant in a vase. Wooden shelves and floors are common farmhouse decorating ideas. With the kitchen cabinet curtain becomes more stylish. Wooden shelves and floors from homebnc
Add an iron hook to your kitchen island for additional storage in your small kitchen. With this the kitchen will feel more neat and organized. Vintage iron hook from homebnc
Corner floating rack that made of wooden beams is one of the hallmarks of a farmhouse kitchen decoration. Iron and wicker baskets help your storage become more numerous. Wooden beams rack from homebnc
Teak wood cabinet under sink presents an elegant farmhouse style. Teak wood will be more durable and not easily porous. Teak wood cabinet from homebnc
The vintage burlap curtain makes the farmhouse kitchen even more stylish. Add a wooden sign board and a woven carpet to complement it. Burlap curtain from homebnc
The wood material that underlies all farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas makes it feel more natural. Extra large cabinets are storage that can tidy up all the items you have. Wooden kitchen design from homebnc
Present a farmhouse style through elements such as pastel cabinets, wooden floors and white brick walls. Besides that, wooden floating shelves also help organize your things in the kitchen. Wooden elements kitchen from homebnc
A farmhouse sink fitted with sunflower decorations can be a focal point in the kitchen. The incoming sunlight adds a natural bright impression. Farmhouse sink from digsdigs
Wooden countertops make a charming farmhouse kitchen idea. The more shelves and cabinets, the tidier the arrangement of your kitchen tools. Wooden countertop from digsdigs
The kitchen and corner space combo saves space in your small home. Buffalos curtains are one of the hallmarks of a modern farmhouse design. Buffalos curtains from digsdigs
The patterned rug runner in a pop color in the farmhouse kitchen would be a charming focal point. With this rug, your kitchen looks more elegant, you can try it. Pop color rug runner from digsdigs
All white scheme kitchen farmhouse makes the room feel more spacious, clean and bright. You can include greenery as a fresh ornament. White kitchen scheme from digsdigs
Renovating your farmhouse kitchen is as easy as possible with DIY wooden furniture that is easy to make, for example, a wooden kitchen island that looks natural and not excessive. DIY wooden kitchen island from digsdigs
The farmhouse kitchen can inspire your next renovation design. Instead of a wall with a wooden shiplap wall as a striking farmhouse statement. Wooden shiplap wall from digsdigs
Single farmhouse sink equipped with floral ornaments makes it more beautiful and charming. Take advantage of empty wall space with hanging shelves for storage. Single farmhouse sink from digsdigs
The wooden chimney becomes an impressive looking ornament. Besides that, wood is also very easy to make and apply. Wooden chimney from digsdigs
Give a different nuance to your farmhouse kitchen decoration such as painting the cabinet in green. Candle holder lamps make the kitchen feel more classic. Green cabinet kitchen from digsdigs
You can imitate a coffee table area with a farmhouse feel to your kitchen décor. Wicker basket becomes a storage helper that you can use to put a spoon or sachet drink powder. Wicker basket from digsdigs
The farmhouse rectangle sign board will be a wall decoration that looks simple but still attractive. You don’t need to pay a lot to make it. Farmhouse sign board from digsdigs
Reclaimed wooden kitchen island into furniture that can give the impression of a farmhouse on budget. You can use a hanging ladder for storage of cooking utensils. Reclaimed wooden kitchen island from digsdigs
Match the colors of your cabinets and kitchen walls to get a harmonious decoration. You can use wooden pallets for a rustic feel. Wooden pallet cabinet from digsdigs
Floating wooden rack can help storage in your kitchen décor. So that the kitchen becomes more neat and orderly. Floating wooden rack from digsdigs
The presence of vintage wood on the kitchen island offers a dazzling appearance. Hanging round lamps combine a farmhouse with a modern style. Vintage wood kitchen island from digsdigs
Place an indoor plant in your farmhouse kitchen as an inexpensive windowsill decoration and can refresh the room. Shiplap walls are one of the characteristics of farmhouse ideas. Indoor plants from digsdigs
Adjust the kitchen island height with chairs so that it can be used as a dining table at the same time. With this, the kitchen island can double function . Multifunction kitchen island from digsdigs
Cover your kitchen floor with burlap rugs to enhance the farmhouse décor to make it feel more real. The patterned backsplash provides a prettier color. Burlap carpet from digsdigs
Take advantage of your kitchen cabinet to display a more modern and classy impression. Here you can repaint the cabinet to make it look cleaner and newer. White kitchen cabinet from digsdigs
The copper farmhouse kitchen sink brings simplicity. Choose with two bowls so you can wash and rinse dishes at the same time. Copper farmhouse sink from digsdigs

Farmhouse style has an influence on the home decor world for years. Moreover, farmhouse home decor for a kitchen shows some well-loved items to enjoy for all. Starting from wooden elements, like floor and ceiling, farmhouse always mesmerizing. Wooden flooring design becomes popular since it gives an impressive look, tends to be sturdy, and easy-cleaned. It usually works well with subway wall tiles which look sleek and give an interesting look as layout.

On the other hand, think about a sleek countertop to balance the wooden kitchen island. The one made of marble sometimes be the most famous to opt. But, it is possible for you to have a wooden countertop to strengthen your farmhouse style. In addition, for those whose kitchen is small, wooden floating shelves offer you a solution to organize the stuff. Then, to balance some wooden elements, bring nature in by putting some greenery to get fresh ambiance.

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