The term “rustic” brings the mind to casual, almost unkempt look in design. A rustic dining room usually has a raw look, rough material textures, and earthy colors. However, there are many ways you can create a rustic look in the dining room. Combining unique styles with rustic elements may give your house an interesting look.

Try one of these style options to spice up your rustic dining room.

1. Rustic Dining Room with Green Theme

Add a nature theme in the dining room with everything green. Use a dark green shade for a moody atmosphere or a pastel one for an airy dining room. Choose curtains and upholstery with nature themes, such as leaf or floral patterns. You can also buy green ceramics and dinnerware to complete the look.

Choose green paint for your rustic set dining table. Complete with cushion floral and flower vases on the dining table, this look will be even more perfect. Green paint set dining table from countryliving
The combination of green and white in the rustic dining room looks even more stunning, to strengthen the rustic theme you can add a deer head statue as a wall decoration. Green and white wall from countryliving
The floral curtain can display a natural theme that will enhance your rustic dining room. Add a classic touch with some wall decorations. Floral curtain from countryliving
Match the color of the curtain with the tablecloth for a more harmonious dining room appearance. The natural theme of the chairs makes for a charming appearance. Natural theme chairs from theglampad
The leaf-themed tablecloth and green curtains are the preferred decoration ideas to showcase the green-themed dining room design. Choose wooden furniture to complete it. Leaf-themed tablecloth from veranda

2. Industrial Rustic Dining Room

Industrial is a perfect style to combine with a rustic dining room. The exposed bricks, weathered beams, vintage bulbs, metal elements, and exposed plumbing are perfect materials for a themed rustic look.

Combine industrial style with a farmhouse with red brick walls and wooden furniture. Add a metal shelf stand for storage. Red brick walls from loombrand
Lighting is also very important for decorating industrial dining rooms, pendant lights are the best solution that will bring a rustic atmosphere to this room. Big pendant light from loombrand
To create an industrial impression, it doesn’t have to be just a red brick wall. You can change the color to a more natural color so that it blends with the existing furniture. White brick walls from loombrand
The brick walls and weathered wood furniture are enough to indicate an industrial style with a rustic touch. This decoration idea looks simpler and on budget. Weathered wood furniture from loombrand
Hanging an antique light bulb is already showing a rustic design that is not over the top. In addition, this lamp can also be a decorative item that can light up your rustic dining room. Antique light bulb from loombrand
The red brick wall combined with white furniture looks so elegant. You can imitate this industrial style right now. Red brick walls from loombrand

3. Rustic Dining Room with Bright Colors

Why sticking with earth colors if you can incorporate brightness? Use bold colors like red, pink, or bright green in things like chairs, benches, and shelves. You can repaint old chairs to keep the rustic look intact.

Bold and bright chairs dining room furniture sets will never fail. Furniture with striking colors is very reliable because it makes the room look more alive. Bold color chairs from countryliving
In addition to chairs, you can use a tufted sofa for a soft and comfortable seat. Choose a bold color like dark green. Tufted green sofa from countryliving
Choosing wooden furniture is the right idea to bring a rustic touch. Here you can repaint the old chair with green to make it look more attractive. Green chairs from countryliving
To liven up your rustic dining room design, then pop colors in the furniture section are a brilliant idea that you can try. For example, the chairs are painted green. Pop color chairs from countryliving
You can liven up the rustic dining room by repainting the metal chairs. The red color adds an energetic feel to this rustic style with a lot of color. Red metal chairs from countryliving
You can try painting your old green wooden chairs for a new look. The right placement of furniture makes the dining room decoration better. Old wooden green chairs from countryliving

4. Cabin-style Rustic Dining Room

Cabin-style dining room is cozy and comfortable, reminding you of ski lodges in Swiss mountains. Ceiling beams, rough stone bricks, farmhouse chandelier, and wooden floor create a perfect dining room to face winter.

Wood material is perfect for facing winter. In addition, teak wood is also sturdy and not easily porous. Teak wood dining room from impressiveinteriordesign
Wood beams ceiling and chair slip covers are the hallmarks of a rustic style dining room. Wood material will be easier to maintain and on budget. Wood beams ceiling from decorpad
Not only about wood, rough bricks on the wall will also show a rustic dining room decoration that looks natural. Rough bricks walls from decorpad
The combination of stone walls with wood beams ceiling creates a rustic dining room that is comfortable and feels more natural. You can add a flower vase as a pretty decorative item. Stone walls with wood beams ceiling from taliejaneinteriors
Wood log poles, wood furniture, and stone walls make a rustic, cabin-style dining room perfect. The appearance of this decoration looks more luxurious and natural. Wood log pole from onekindesign
The farmhouse feather chandelier complements the rustic dining room design. Add a stone fireplace as a heating area in the surrounding room. Stone fireplace from onekindesign

5. Rustic Beach Dining Room

Bring your dining room to the beach with simple design features. Get utensils, candleholders, and other table ornaments made of coconut shells or wood. Add an indoor palm in the dining room. Use woven grass or other natural fiber for the window blinds, area rug, and wall ornament.

Take advantage of blank walls for charming wall art decoration and wood mirrors. This beach dining area is lined with antique vintage rugs. Wall art decoration from homestratosphere
The beach-style dining area with two chandeliers on a wooden table gives off a bright natural light. The suede blue sofa is the perfect fit. Suede blue sofa from homestratosphere
Furniture and wooden floors are suitable for decorating a rustic dining room. A framed artwork would better suit a large ball design than a crystal chandelier. Furniture and wooden floors from homestratosphere
The blue pillows are quite a sign of the intimate beach dining room design. Complete with a rattan woven chair combined with a built in shelf. Blue pillows from homestratosphere
Pop color chairs make your dining room more colorful. To get a rustic impression, you can hang classic lights. Pop color chairs from homestratosphere

A rustic dining room creates a relaxing and comfortable vibe. Make it more interesting by applying specific design themes that lean to the rustic look.

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