After a festive wedding party with family and friends, newly-weds are usually short of budget. Lots of things to move needs a lot of money as well. However, that should not hamper your plan to live in a cozy apartment.

Living in a first apartment can be challenging as the atmosphere is different from home. Making the apartment as cozy as possible is the only way to make the strange place feel like home. However, believe us, doing the first apartment décor to look like the home is a lot of fun. Below are some ideas to copy.

1. Curtains

Curtains have more functions than a mere light filter since they can set the mood and enhance the room’s vibe. You can have all that good from cheap ones but never underestimate them. There are lots of expensive-looking ones if you go high and low in the shop.

Expensive-look ones can give the room an elegant look. Consider the color and fabric when you want to buy ones. For example, neutral colors and thick fabric make an expensive look. However, you can always choose a color matching the room tone.

Cotton curtains are of good quality due to their thick and smooth material. Besides that, the cotton curtains will also look shiny when they are under the light. Cotton white curtains from stylebyemilyhenderson.
Give different look to your apartment bedroom with curtains that match the wall paint. Cotton is great for absorbing sunlight entering the room. Curtains that match the wall paint from stylebyemilyhenderson.
Change the atmosphere of the bedroom by starting with the curtains. The natural patterned curtains will ensure a simpler yet luxurious look. Patterned curtains from apartmenttherapy.
Hang white curtains to add a touch of drama that gives an elegant living room trick consideration. Install the curtains higher for the illusion of luxury. Hang white curtains from stylebyemilyhenderson.
High LED curtains look different from other designs. Not only white curtains, dark colors also look classy when used. High LED curtains from mymove.
Use the same color on your blankets and curtains, this will add a vibrancy to the room that matches the tone of the room. The red color makes the room more energetic. Red curtains from hgtv.
Combine the color of the linen curtains with the sofa to increase the expensive impression in the living room of your apartment. White is the color that is suitable for trying to design your first apartment. Linen curtains from hgtv.
Mix and match the color of the curtains with the feel of the living room of your apartment to produce the perfect design. White is a neutral color when combined with any color. Neutral color curtains from hgtv.
The sheer curtains will make it easier for the light filter to enter your dining area. Use cheap curtains but still look luxurious. Try it white. Elegant sheer curtains from hgtv.

2. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are known for their capability to live with minimum light. With colorful flowers, they serve the first apartment décor well. Some of them can absorb radiation, as well.

For added features, it’s advised to pick those that need a little treatment as well.

New Zealand laurel is one of the recommended indoor plants for your home decoration. This plant will be a geometric accent for your small living room. New Zealand laurel from apartmenttherapy.
Apart from giving a beautiful living room, the money tree also has a unique shape and is different from the others. Place the money tree close to the window so that it can flourish. Money tree plant from apartmenttherapy.
Place indoor plants that are easy and cheap to maintain, for example, the Schefflera plant. This plant can also help filter the air to make it healthier. Schefflera plant from apartmenttherapy.
Look for something that can change the dining room decor to be fresher, for example placing an indoor tree in the corner of the room. You can try it. Indoor tree plant from apartmenttherapy.
You can place indoor plants that have high dimensions near or against the wall in order to prevent them from falling easily. Choose stainless steel pots to stand out from the others. Tall indoor plant from apartmenttherapy.
To show a tropical impression in the bathroom of your apartment, then placing a palm plant container in the corner of the room becomes a more unique profile. Palm plant from apartmenttherapy.
Living room tropical decor with large ornamental tree indoor plants is the right step. Don’t forget to place it near the window so that it gets enough sunlight. Ornamental tree indoor plants from apartmenttherapy.
The bedroom needs decorations that can make it look fresher. Fiddle leaf figs with wooden containers will be the focal point in this room. Fiddle leaf figs plant from apartmenttherapy.
To enhance the appearance of your living room, an indoor corn tree is a great idea. You can put it in the corner of the room so that it doesn’t interfere with the space for movement. Indoor corn tree from apartmenttherapy.

3. Multi-Purpose Furniture

Wouldn’t it be nice if one furniture can serve two purposes? Say that garden stools can serve as side tables and plant stands, besides seating. Another example would be an ottoman coffee table that can serve as both a table and chair.

What about a bar cart? You can move it around anywhere it’s needed as a table, nightstand, or plant stand. With such an item, you buy one for two to three purposes.

The divider room as well as the bar dining table is one of the pieces of furniture that you need to have for decorating your small apartment. Perfect it with a high stool to make it more perfect. Multipurpose divider room from home-designing.
Take advantage of the side of the TV stands as a minimalist storage rack. This shelf makes your living room more tidy and effective. TV stand storage from nexthomegeneration.
The portable divider room which is used as a TV stand is also very attractive. Even this furniture also provides storage at the bottom. TV stand with divider room from nexthomegeneration.
Buy multipurpose furniture such as a corner chair with drawers. This furniture will be more attractive to the room in your house. Corner chair storage from nexthomegeneration.
Wooden headboard combined with a small shelf becomes suitable furniture for decorating your first apartment. This furniture does not take up much space. Wooden headboard storage from idntimes.
Install furniture that has multiple functions, such as mattresses that can be used as chairs and storage racks. This furniture looks more classy and luxurious. Multiple functions furniture from idntimes.
Take advantage of the empty space under the bed as a minimalist work space. This furniture idea does not limit your space when indoors. Multi-Purpose work space from idntimes.
The integrated toilet with the sink will become the focal point in your bathroom. Its small size makes it look more minimalist. Multi-Purpose toilet from idntimes.
A small coffee table equipped with storage underneath makes this furniture look more charming. You can make it with iron material to make it more durable and long-lasting. Multi-Purpose coffee table from idntimes.

Options for first apartment décor are limitless. Always aim for a multi-purpose furniture to save up some money.

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