Maximizing the layout in a small dining room is a common designer trick. You may not be able to increase the room size, but you can make the best of it. If you have limited space for the dining room, follow these tricks to make it comfortable and feel large.

1. Using the Corner Space

The corner space offers potentials for unique and functional dining room parts. For example, you can place L-benches (banquette) in the corner, along with a pedestal table. They form a cute breakfast nook for casual eating. You can also order a corner shelving unit to store cups, utensils, and plates.

The combination of a round table with L-benches makes the classic dining room look more efficient. You can change the space angle to be more useful. Classic dining room from housebeautiful
Take advantage of the empty corner of your home for a simple dining room that looks elegant. You can use wicker furniture as a natural touch. Corner elegant dining room from housebeautiful
You can take the dining room set furniture to an empty corner of the room. U shape dining room with benches storage is a smart idea that you can imitate. Corner U-shape dining room from housebeautiful
Corner small dining room with a white scheme can be combined with colored complements such as pillows and picture frames, so that it will add character and color to the room. White scheme dining room from bhg
The vintage decoration in the corner of the dining room can be more colorful and textured by throwing patterned cushions on the chairs. Small lamp sconces on the wall provide a subtle glow. Corner vintage dining room from bhg
Cover your dining chair with pillows for extra comfort. The white dining room which is located in the corner of the room looks slimmer. White corner dining room from bhg
To bring enthusiasm and energy to the corner dining room, you can try a colorful tinge on some of the furniture and wall hangings. Colorful corner dining room from bhg

2. Skipping Cabinets

Cabinets are bulky and eating up much space in a small dining room. If you have a kitchen-dining room combo, skip cabinets and install shelves. Simple floating shelves stay on the wall and free the walking space. You can customize simple shelves based on the size of your dining room.

You can use the built-in hanging rack to put some ornaments that can enhance the appearance of your dining room. Choose a shelf with a contemporary style. Built-in hanging rack from housebeautiful
Painted floating shelf can feature a decor that can spice up any dining room decor without taking up much space. The dining room corner is suitable for small home decoration. Painted floating shelf from housebeautiful
The white lacquered shelf has a natural touch that can brighten up the room. Besides that, the white color also makes the illusion of the dining room appear wider. White lacquered shelf from housebeautiful
Take advantage of a blank wall to serve as a wall mounted rack. Turn on the all white dining room with a ball-shaped chandelier. Wall mounted rack from housebeautiful
Apply the wooden floating rack on the back of your dining table. Line the bottom of the dining area with striped runners that can frame the tableware. Wooden floating rack from housebeautiful
The wood material on the floating wall shelf makes the dining room look more natural. Besides that, wood material also brings your decoration more to nature. Floating wood wall shelf from thehome
One DIY floating shelf looks very minimalist. To make it look more modern and stylish, you can paint it according to the nuance of your small dining room. DIY floating shelf from crazylaura

3. Getting Benches

Chairs are pretty and practical, but they can only accommodate individuals. Combine your dining chairs with one or multiple benches, which can seat multiple people on one.

Wooden bench equipped with pillows will look neater in the corner decoration of the room. Apart from that the bench also helps maximize the small dining area. Wooden bench from goodhousekeeping
When you choose an elegant living room, then you can choose furniture with a modern style. Choose bench cushions with natural motifs and woven chairs. Bench cushions from goodhousekeeping
Add rustic touch to your dining room design with wood teak benches that look sturdy and durable. This wood material is not easily porous in the long term. Wood teak benches from goodhousekeeping
You can create natural-looking seating with rustic benches made of knot wood. Cover it with a long pillow for added comfort. Rustic benches from goodhousekeeping
So that the small living room can still accommodate many people, the idea to do is to choose a wood beams bench with a long size. Long size bench from goodhousekeeping
The faux fur blanket that covers the wooden bench is intended to make the atmosphere feel softer and warmer. In addition, this blanket also makes the living room more elegant. Cover wood bench from housebeautiful
You can coat the pieces of rustic wood used as benches with white cloth to create a farmhouse style that is so elegant. The woven lamp holder further enhances the natural touch. Rustic wood bench from housebeautiful

4. Opting for Everything Built-in

Built-in shelves, storage spaces, and benches are great solutions for a limited space. You can use built-in shelves to store plates, utensils, and other dining room-related products. You can also store things that make your room cozy, such as books, trinkets, and mini plants. Meanwhile, built-in seats are less bulky in their constructions.

Take advantage of the built-in shelves in the dining room to put colorful ornaments that can beautify the room so that it brings a more energetic and vibrant atmosphere. Built-in shelves from goodhousekeeping
You can use a blue print wall mounted cabinet to store your books and knick-knacks. This cabinet helps your goods to be safer and less susceptible to dust. Blue print wall mounted cabinet from housebeautiful
The divider room which is used to lean the picture frame gives a touch of electric art that is not excessive. You can add a vintage impression with a rattan chair. Divider room with rack from housebeautiful
The built-in teak shelf can be used as an area to show off your ceramic antique items. Organize it neatly and give distance when placing it. Built-in teak shelf from goodhousekeeping
The floating small rack in white gives a modern and minimalist impression. Make your dining room more colorful with a pop color carpet. Minimalist floating rack from goodhousekeeping
You can also use the mantel on the fireplace to put ceramic knick-knacks. Monochromatic style makes the dining room more elegant. Rack mantel from goodhousekeeping
The small corner floating rack gives the dining room an area to show off its antiques. This shelf does not take up much space. Small corner rack from goodhousekeeping
Corner dining area with built-in blue seating brings this design towards a beach décor. Wooden shiplap walls in white make the room appear more spacious. Built-in seating from goodhousekeeping

Having a small dining room doesn’t mean you cannot get creative. Follow these design tricks to make them feel larger.

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