When having a tiny space, you don’t have to stress or give up the idea of building a dream laundry room. With a smart organization, you can always transform this room into something you like and, more importantly, your laundry routine would never be a nightmare.

Without further ado, here are smart hack ideas for a small laundry room that will show you that building a fully organized tiny room is not impossible.  

Create a Functional Countertop

One of the best hack ideas for a small laundry room is to install a countertop above the washer and dryer. By doing so, you will have extra storage to hold all the laundry supplies, get valuable surfaces to fold clothes, or own additional spots to display beautiful accessories. What’s great is, there are plenty of materials to choose from—such as wood, stainless steel, and granite—all will give an elegant look to the room.

White countertop table that is one with storage rack becomes perfect furniture for small laundry room decorations. Woven baskets become clothes storage helper. White countertop from homebnc
A simple way to add extra storage to the laundry room is to add functional sleek wood countertop to the washing machine. The iron basket looks stronger and sturdier. Sleek wood countertop from homebnc
In addition to being an area for folding clothes, the wood beams countertop is also a storage area when you add a woven basket on top. Wood beams countertop from homebnc
Match countertops with laundry walls for an elegant impression. Stainless steel is the best choice that you can try. Stainless steel countertop from homebnc
Applying stone countertop on the washer and dryer makes it more functional. This idea makes your work easier while in the laundry room. Stone countertop from homebnc
Place wooden countertop over the washing machine as a base when folding clean clothes. The wood material adds a natural farmhouse impression. Wooden countertop from homebnc
Applying functional marble countertop for extra storage ideas in your laundry room is an idea that will never fail so you will have ample storage space. Functional marble countertop from onekindesign
Adding minimalist functional countertop keeps your laundry room tidy. Flower vase is a beautiful and natural-looking accessory. Minimalist functional countertop from onekindesign
Countertops are quartz with drawers for added storage as well as folding area for clothes. This design makes the laundry room look more modern. Countertops are quartz from onekindesign

Make the Most of Your Pedestal Drawers

When purchasing a washer or dryer, you may consider picking the one that features stylish built-in, stackable pedestal drawers—which provide a large space to store softener, detergent, and other essential supplies. Otherwise, you can also build a more unique pedestal on your own using materials like plywood.

Some of the built-in laundry drawers are especially useful for large storage. Even this storage can make the laundry room tidier. Built-in pedestal drawers from pickledbarrel
Floor to ceiling laundry machines equipped with drawers and cabinets are highly recommended furniture. Basket wicker helps more storage. Floor to ceiling storage from pickledbarrel
To keep all of your detergent well organized, pedestal drawer is a great storage idea. The white color makes the room appear cleaner and more spacious. White pedestal drawer from pickledbarrel
The wooden pedestal drawer brings a farmhouse style to your laundry room décor. To use it pull the drawer outwards. Wooden pedestal drawer from cheercrank
You can use the pull-out pedestal drawer with a metal basket to put clean clothes or towels. This drawer provides additional storage. Pull-out pedestal drawer from decorpad
The pedestal drawer under the washing machine is suitable for storing detergent, dryer sheets and deodorant. This storage is more practical and easier to do. Underneath pedestal drawer from woodshopdiaries
It’s not just a pedestal drawer, you can also use laundry basket for storage ideas. Take advantage of the empty space in this room for satisfying decoration results. Laundry basket from addicted2diy
The best part about a washing machine is when it comes to carrying built-in storage like white drawer pedestal. Besides looking more minimalist, this drawer can also sort needs according to their use. White drawer pedestal from decorpad

Use a Space-Saving Ironing Board

Next, make sure that you use the ironing board that won’t take up a lot of room space. Fortunately, plenty of space-friendly ironing boards are available in the market. From a drop-down ironing board that can be mounted on the wall and door, a slide-out model that can be slid or tucked away inside the drawer and shelf, or the ironing board that features built-in shelves or cabinet, the options are countless.

Place the ironing board in an easily accessible area. Pull-out ironing boards are very compact and can be a small element that doesn’t take up space. Corner ironing board from homedit
Since the ironing board is only used occasionally, adjust the size according to your laundry room. The white board looks prettier with the current laundry room feel. White ironing board from homedit
Built-in retractable ironing board saves more space. You can choose stainless steel so that it doesn’t rust easily in the long term. Built-in retractable ironing board from homedit
This type of rectangle ironing board can be accommodated in all types of cabinets because it has a minimalist size. Even this ironing board becomes hidden furniture because it goes into the cabinet. Rectangle ironing board from remodelista
In order for your laundry room to be more space-efficient and more efficient, the pull out ironing board is the best furniture choice. You can use a modern style to make it more contemporary. Modern ironing board from remodelista
This type of plywood ironing board doesn’t sacrifice any space in your wardrobe. Choose a small size because this furniture is rarely used. Plywood ironing board from remodelista
Hide the ironing board drawer in the cabinet so it is not prone to dust. Besides that, storage in the cabinet also makes it easier for you to fold clothes that have been ironed. Ironing board drawer from remodelista
To save on laundry room space, choose the appropriate furniture. For example wooden pull-out ironing board that can be flush with the cabinet. Wooden pull out ironing board from remodelista
The pull-out ironing board on the cabinet will disguise its presence thereby reducing clutter in your laundry room. You can pull it out when you use it. Pull-out ironing board from remodelista

Now that you know some clever hack ideas for a small laundry room, then it’s time to maximize every precious inch of your tiny space and start building a fully organized room. Good luck!

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