Want to blend the old and new seamlessly? Try the transitional dining room style. Combining both styles in one design gives you the best of both worlds. Chairs are prominent design features in a dining room, so you need to choose the best products to complement the room.

Try these chair styles to create a beautiful transitional room.

1. Brown Leather Chairs

Leather is a popular material in both classic and modern designs. Brown leather chairs with minimalist designs can blend perfectly in both designs. You can pair them with a solid wooden table, a resin table, or an elegant table with marble panel.

Using an empty corner as transitional dining room decoration is a smart idea that you can try. You can choose furniture that has a matching color, for example, brown leather chairs and table. Match brown leather chairs and table from smalldesignideas
Choose neutral color for the dining room furniture set, for example dark brown color with leather material. Leather seats are very easy to maintain and not easily dirty. Dark brown seats from home-designing
Combine leather chairs with round table for a transitional dining room decor idea that looks simple. The woven lampshades give a farmhouse touch. Leather chairs with round table from decorpad
Apart from being smooth and soft, the classic leather chairs are also waterproof so they are more durable in use. You can pair it with other bright furniture. Classic leather chairs from madebymood
Light colored rug is great backdrop for the brown leather chairs surrounding the teak wood. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling give off a classic impression. Light brown leather chairs from homestratosphere
The leather with wood dining chairs material surrounding a modern round table are a highlight of the transitional dining area which accents the stunning outdoor views through the glass windows. Leather with wood dining chairs material from decorpad

2. Blue Velvet Dining Chairs

A velvet chair gives an elegant and posh vibe. A dark blue velvet one is great for both modern and classic styles. Using velvet chairs to complement a transitional dining room provides comfort and beauty without being too garish. The chairs pair nicely with medium to dark wood tone, colored metal, and gold coat.

You can try a formal transitional dining room with pop color dining chair with blue velvet material. Match with patterned walls and unique gold lighting. Pop color dining chair from decorpad
Complete the dining room with soft blue velvet chairs combined with bright rug, white paint walls and feather lights that look smooth and beautiful. Soft blue velvet chairs from decorpad
This elegant dining room has rectangle table with a glass top supported by blue velvet dining chairs with gold accents. Do not forget to use a large crystal chandelier. Blue velvet dining chairs with gold accents from homestratosphere
Match the color of the dining chairs with rugs to support the color tone in the transitional dining room. Blue is one of your favorite color choices that you can try. Dark blue dining chairs with rugs from homestratosphere
This charming transitional dining room has a floral centerpiece that can enhance your dining table decor. The blue dining chairs contrast with the feel of the room giving striking impression. Light blue velvet chairs from homestratosphere
The transitional dining room has two different chair, blue and brown colors you can pair it with a large wooden table. The white scheme room supports this decoration. Blue and brown velvet chairs from homestratosphere

3. White Linen Dining Chairs

Another chair suitable for the transitional dining room is white linen dining chairs. White color is never goes wrong with any kind of style or design. This color is suitable to be applied for classic to the modern style. Choose linen material to give a comfortable and clean atmosphere. You can pair this chair with a glass table or wooden table. They work well and complete each other.

Accentuate neutral colors in your ideal and popular dining room decor this year. Pair a white linen dining chair with a glass table and plain carpet that can enhance the look. Neutral color dining chairs from architecturaldigest
White linen dining chairs are perfect for a family meal or a fun dinner party. Neutral colors match almost any design feature, including vintage and contemporary ornaments. White linen dining chairs from architecturaldigest
The transitional style in your dining room design will be even more perfect if you use the right furniture. To enhance this decor vibe, try using white linen dining chairs and natural wood table. White linen dining chairs and wood table from decorpad
The white linen dining chair in the sun gives a classic impression of its own. A vintage rug will get the perfect tone for the room. White linen chairs with vintage rug from decorpad
Cover your dining chair with white linen cloth that will get its own look, you can combine it with a wooden table equipped with a flower vase. Cover white linen chairs from decorpad

4. Striped Dining Chairs

Spice up your dining room with patterned chairs. Stripes are “safe” enough for all kinds of room designs. You can find upholstered striped chairs for comfort and decorative purposes. Large stripes have a beach or vintage vibe, while thin stripes are subtler and more modern.

Black and white striped dining chair in dark shades illuminated with white flower vase. Meanwhile, refine the walls by being lit by a brass chandelier. Black and white striped dining chair from decorpad
In addition to striped chairs, you can also enhance this dining room with other chair colors such as green. The round wood table also shows simplicity in this room. Striped with green chairs from decorpad
Small striped chairs that surround a sleek wooden table with a carpet patterned carpet reveal a classic cozy dining room. Hang a wall decoration for a sweet finishing touch. Small striped chairs from traciconnellinteriors
Blue and white striped chairs combined with patterned walls look more energetic. Pop color tableware is the center of attention in this room. Blue and white striped chairs from brabbu
To get rustic touch in the dining room, you can use wood on the table and floor. Black and white striped chairs look even more perfect when paired with boar walls. Small black and white striped from decorpad

5. Dark Slat Back Chairs

Slat back chairs are popular in rustic, vintage, and modern designs. You can choose dark chairs for a more modern look. Find the ones with slightly curved designs if you want to lean to a vintage look. Slat back chairs are available in hard and cushioned types so that you can choose based on personal preferences, comfort, and budgets.

No need to worry if you have chairs and dining tables with different colors, because this will be the value of a vintage dining room design. Complete the chair with dark wood slats to make it more eye-catching. Dark wood slats from nimvo
To make the chair slat look more shiny, then all you have to do is paint and refinish it. Fireplace helps to warm the atmosphere in the room. Paint and refinish slat chairs from nimvo
Black slats on dining chairs will easily blend with other furniture. Black is one neutral color that looks cool. Black slats ideas from nimvo
Adding pillow to teak wooden chair is an idea that you can try to make it more comfortable to use. Choose a chair slat with a color that matches the feel of your room. Teak wood slats from nimvo
Refine the slat on your dining chair to make it a beautiful and comfortable seat. The suede pillow is soft and soft seat cover. Refine slat chairs from nimvo

Those are some chair ideas for transitional dining room decor. It is very important to get the right dining chair type, so the old and new styles will blend perfectly. Hopefully, this article will help you to find one that suitable for your taste.

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