Every room that we build naturally furthermore requires some furniture and furniture equipment to be perfect for us to occupy. Furniture that we definitely need, among others, such as tables, chairs, and cabinets. There are a variety of materials used by the kit. Home interior design applies the principle of “Less is More”, meaning that it eliminates all aspects that are not important and emphasizes the essence of the existence of the materials we will use.

Glass Material

We often use glass in the furniture industry for various components of furniture products. Glass for furniture is usually used for tabletops, cupboards doors, and mirrors and some other pieces of furniture. The advantages or advantages of this glass are transparent, flat surface, clean, and free of distortion so that it is comfortable to wear every day. Glass that has bright colors, this material we usually use in kitchens with modern nuances.

Transparent glass table gives the illusion of wider space in your home. Choose several glass materials in different colors for better results. Transparent glass table from homedit
Pairing glass and wood for coffee table is the best idea you can try. Glass material is an element that gives the impression of floating table in this room. Glass and wood coffee table from homedit
Besides making it easier to clean the divider glass, it also makes it easier for you to see other room decorations. Also use it as a book storage. Divider glass with storage from homedit
The round glass table structure makes the overall appearance more classy, the table legs are made of gold metal leaving maximum comfort. Round glass table structure from homedit
Glass table for living room decoration will produce luxurious appearance, supported by gold-plated table decoration that looks more modern. This table is rust resistant and sturdy. Glass table from homedit
To maintain natural atmosphere in the living room, the glass table with wooden legs offers simple sophistication. This table design is favorite trend that you must have. Glass table with wooden legs from homedit
With touch of glam, the glass table with storage maintains a modern, bright and airy feel. The glass material looks more refined and sophisticated. Glass table with storage from homedit
Showcase the glam dresser in dark glass, swiveling glass base that allows the user to rotate the double-sided mirror as desired. Dark glass dresser from homedit
The black leather lining on the glass chairs ensures modern and minimalist living room theme. Glass side tables are also an art and function option. Glass and leather chairs from homedit
The touch of black glass on the table looks attractive and will provide light in the corner of the room. The black and white style makes for a cool monochromatic feel. Touch of black glass table from homedit
The glass and gold finish on the dining table give this room a light, transparent look. Glass elements are also the material of choice for small room decorations. Glass and gold finish dining table from home-designing
Make sure your dining table can enhance the aesthetics of the dining room. The glass dining table covered with gold metal looks more stylish in front of people. Glass dining table covered with gold metal from home-designing

Metal Material

Metal or metal is very popular to be used as the main material for making furniture and household appliances. This is because the processing of iron by the factory in bulk is very much. Metal is also easy for us to take outside the room because of its high resistance to heat, weather, and rain. This is a difficult thing to do with wood-based furniture.

You can start your living room décor with modern gold metal coffee table that brings contemporary, refreshing look to your interior. Suede chairs complement the appearance of this room. Gold metal coffee table from homeinspirationideas
With dazzling rectangular shape, unique multilevel metal table can be tried in a modern living room decor. Standing rack and candle holder with touch of gold can also strengthen a classy room. Multilevel metal table from homeinspirationideas
Square metal table combined with other bright furniture looks great in your living room. The decoration of this room will be more radiant and more elegant touch. Square metal table from homeinspirationideas
You can complete an industrial living room decor with black metal table and gray sofa, the vintage rugs give this room its color perfectly. Black metal table from homeinspirationideas
You can create combination of metal and marble on coffee table in modern style, don’t forget to use wooden floor that can strengthen natural touch. Metal and marble coffee table from homeinspirationideas
Metal table legs that are thicker than the surface, the sturdier and more durable. Furniture which is covered with metal material does not rust easily. Metal table legs from homeinspirationideas
Metal table legs with unique shapes and colors make it easy to decorate the living room into an industrial design that will channel it into modern feel. Combine with shiny glass. Metal and glass table from homeinspirationideas
Not only living room decoration, you also need to pay attention to the bathroom. Metal towel rack can be modern furniture in your bathroom. This furniture looks clean. Metal towel rack from decoist
To enhance the industrial style in your home, metal work table with curved storage is one of the furniture you can have. Metal furniture will be sturdier and smoother when used. Metal work table from decoist
The metal trim on the chair and table legs gives off modern, antique feel. The metal material in the furniture has an allure that imparts vintage style. Metal trim chair and table legs from decoist
Outdoor furniture set with metal material has modern feel that can be accessed by everyone. You can place it in a backyard decor as relaxing area. Metal outdoor furniture from decoist
Keeping metal in its original color for a bright coffee table touch, the metal furniture brings vintage trend into the room. The table decoration is sweet finishing touch. Original metal color furniture from decoist

One of the characteristics possessed by modern concept furniture that includes the use of glass and iron materials. although the main material that we often use to make furniture itself is wood. But iron and glass materials still have their respective advantages. The basic properties of materials from metals is to have more strength. Metal materials can support relatively heavier loads. While the glass has the advantage of making the appearance of space that looks elegant

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