Bored with a regular-looking dining room? Spice it up with a contemporary dining room table. Many table designs are no longer a simple board with four legs; you can find a wide range of designs with interesting details. Here are several unique designs you can find at various online stores.

1. Resin Dining Table

Resin dining table offers a unique, almost ethereal design for your dining room. The surface is created by pouring the resin epoxy with a certain thickness. The result is a blurred pattern with contrasting shades, looking almost like a galaxy.

In order to make the dining table look more modern, you can cover the resin dining table with transparent glass. The advantages of this table are easy to clean when dirty. Modern resin dining table from shelterness
Resin dining table in dark black color gives bold look. The small indoor plant is fresh and natural centerpiece. Dark resin dining table from shelterness
Cut the tree trunk thinly to make a resin dining table with a natural look. So that the surface is smoother, you can cover it with thick texture glass. Tree trunk resin dining table from shelterness
One piece of wood is used as a resin dining table surrounded by white dining chairs and wooden footwear, making this dining room more of simple and minimalist decoration. Besides this table is also more unique. One piece wood resin dining table from shelterness
In order for the dining room to get a more natural and simple look, dining table made of broken teak wood combined with glass becomes furniture that you can have. Broken teak wood resin table from shelterness
The pieces of wood used for the resin dining table table idea look unique and attract attention, here you only need to cover them with thick glass. Thick glass and pieces of wood table from shelterness
In order for your resin dining table to look more colorful, then a touch of blue in the middle of the table is the best idea you can try. This dining table is inspired by a coastal beach. Coastal beach resin dining table from shelterness

2. Rose Gold Dining Table

Rose gold now comes to modern dining room tables in the form of coat or design pieces. This color is not as bright as regular gold, with a touch of feminine elegance. Even the simplest dining table design can look more attractive with rose gold accents.

This dining room has contemporary look with rose gold wooden table and round vintage mirrors. Table lamp and greenery centerpiece make for the perfect finishing touch. Rose gold wooden table from houseandgarden
The design of the library room which is used as a dining room with blue paint accentuates a classic contemporary impression. The thick iron dining table with rose gold color is the center of attention in this room. Thick iron dining table from houseandgarden
The rose gold round wood dining table adds humor to the design and sets a contemporary traditional theme followed by carved chairs and picture frames. Rose gold round wood dining table from houseandgarden
The combination of sleek rose gold dining table with green chairs adds color and texture to the dining room. Black marble floor gives modern impression that is not excessive. Sleek rose gold dining table from houseandgarden
To provide elegant symmetry in the dining room, two side tables with blue and white paint are the right answer. Don’t forget to use the rose gold curved dining table as the main furniture in this dining room. Rose gold curved dining table from houseandgarden
Rose gold oval table with a smooth surface, you can pair it with colorful chairs to give it a passionate impression. Rose gold oval table from houseandgarden
The curved wooden dining table in rose gold color is striking piece of furniture that has a contemporary impression. The patterned carpet makes for passionate backdrop. Curved wooden dining table from houseandgarden

3. Hairpin Dining Table

Hairpin legs are common in modern and contemporary table designs. You can choose a hairpin dining table for a more modest but still unique design. You can find hairpin legs on various types of tables, from square to round and oval ones. The thin legs also provide more floor space.

Metal hairpin legs can be substitute for table legs that have the same sturdiness for your dining table. The small vase plant becomes natural centerpiece. Metal hairpin dining table from bobvila
The reclaimed wood dining surface combined with retro hairpin legs gives a rustic feel. This large dining table makes a great family center. Retro hairpin legs from bobvila
Gold hairpin legs add a touch of contemporary style to your basic dining table, use a white marble surface for a smooth and comfortable dining mat. Gold hairpin legs from bobvila
Smart furniture is multifunctional furniture, for example a hairpin dining table with storage underneath. The hairpin dinner table iron leg looks more different. Hairpin dining table with storage from digsdigs
Match the color of the hairpin dining table with the chair to make it more compatible with the tones of other furniture. Pallet table surface with a rectangle shape will accommodate more people who eat at this table. Same color hairpin dining table with chairs from digsdigs
Give your palette dining table a new look with black hairpin legs. This table idea takes inspiration from industrial style to a modern twist. Black hairpin legs from digsdigs
The hairpin iron table leg will be sturdier and stronger when used for serving food. Color your palette dining table few different colors to add some interesting patterns. Hairpin iron table leg from digsdigs

4. Patterned Chairs

Many dining tables don’t have distinctive patterns, and you need to use a tablecloth to provide them. However, contemporary dining tables offer more options in patterned surfaces. You can find geometric or abstract dining chairs, although the most popular ones are still the material patterns, such as wood grains.

To highlight your contemporary dining room design, patterned white chairs and a marshland mural are the best decoration ideas. The wood beams ceiling defines the simplicity of this room. Patterned white chairs from veranda
Floral tablecloths surrounded by patterned blue and white chairs and striped ceiling give the illusion of wider dining room. In addition, this idea also reflects contemporary traditional. Patterned blue and white chairs from veranda
Matching the basic colors of your dining chairs and tablecloths, red is a bold and bold color that you can try. Choose bamboo rattan as the base material for the chair. Bold color patterned chairs from veranda
Tropical walls become the backdrop for a formal dining room that relaxes the atmosphere. Bright patterned chairs with plain wood tables are furniture that have real beauty. Bright patterned chairs from veranda
Add a textural element to the view of your dining chair, the floral pattern with wooden slits gives contemporary impression that will bring brighter feel to the room. The wallpaper covers the entire room perfectly. Floral pattern with wooden slits chair from veranda
Make your dining room design shine to the maximum. You can start by choosing striped chairs and patterned tablecloths that attract attention. Striped chairs from veranda

Contemporary dining room tables create a unique look in a simple dining room. Choose one of these tables to create an attractive set in your dining room.

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