Your home is a safe space where you always feel comfortable. A home is so much more than just a roof over your head and a place to take shelter. Your home is an extension of yourself and the characteristics which you hold at a point in time. The way you choose to decorate the place or leave it the way it is gives an insight into your personality more than you can imagine. More and more people are now looking to personalize their living space rather than leaving it barren or getting a pre-furnished house.

However, when living in a house, ensuring maintenance is critical. A messy and cluttered home is not only a sore sight, but it can have a negative toll on your mental health as well. Merely seeing the lack of order in your home can put your mood off and instill a sense of complacency and demotivation. 

If you are looking to clear your place out, here are some tips you can consider when striving for a clutter-free home environment. 

Find a self-storage facility 

Living in Solana, houses can’t hold all the stuff we have. Hence, you may want to consider putting some things away in a storage facility rather than keeping it in your home. If your house is messy with a bunch of stuff that serves no purpose, consider a storage facility in Solana, CA.

The storage units vary in size, so you can gauge which one suits you best. If you have larger furniture items, you might want to consider some of the larger units. However, if it’s just a few boxes and trunks, don’t go too big. It would serve no purpose to you when a little one does the trick just fine. 

Consider recycling/ up-cycling

If you have excess paraphernalia in your house, try and save some materials and use them for other purposes. You can Google some of the everyday ‘hacks’ which have taken the internet by storm. They suggest a sense of creativity and promote recycling materials.
However, if you have barely functional furniture and are looking to make it useful, consider redoing the item and using it in a better way. For example, you can use the wood from a useless table to create shelves. Up-cycling could significantly reduce the clutter in your home if you do it right.

Don’t hoard

When creating a clutter-free environment, it’s essential to know what is vital in your house and what serves no purpose. Hoarding unnecessary items in your home will create clutter in your home and indicate the psychological inability to let go of things.
If you have many pointless things, consider letting them go and creating a clutter-free zone. If you take a day to sift and sort through your items and keep what you need and get rid of the rest, it will do wonders to aid in achieving a clutter-free home environment. 

Rack, shelves, and drawers are your friends

If you happen to live in a smaller house or apartment, you may have a considerable lack of space in the place. In situations like this, it would be wise for you’re to start storing upwards. Investing in racks, shelves, and cupboards could help you save space in the house and create a clutter-free home space.
Rather than keeping the thing on lower levels where they could get in your way, it would be best for you to store upwards where you don’t feel the clutter. Moreover, shelves and racks can add a significant aesthetic to your house. 


Understandably, if you have a cluttered house, you may not have the time to clean the place up. Busy schedules are often the most common reason we leave our homes messy and don’t clean up after ourselves. However, if you are free on the weekends, consider taking out a couple of hours to create a more comfortable environment for yourself.
Not only will this be great for your home environment, but cleaning up after yourself can be a therapeutic process for some people. 

These tips could help you clear out your home if you are living in a cluttered zone. Combining the tips could greatly help you clear your home space and live in a neater and cleaner environment. It’s going to need a considerable amount of effort; however, it’s a one-time thing. 

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